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Connect with your fans

Musicians connect with their fans through their lyrics, their melodies, and of course, through their performances. But when the music has faded and the last note has been played, how can the connection be maintained?

Music merchandise

The answer is music merchandise: a t-shirt that fans can wear long after an amazing concert, the metal hoodie that reminds someone of the crazy show they were at – these are just a few examples of how the connection is maintained after the music fades.

The right solution

Opening your own Shop with Spreadshirt add a no-risk, no-fee, no-worries merchandising solution to your business mix. With just a few clicks of a button, you can be reaching your fans on a whole new level.

Let your fans show their love for your music

Create custom band merchandise complete with your band art, tour dates, venues, lyrics... whatever you want! Give your fans a way to express themselves and associate with others who love your music by opening your own free music merch store.

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Open Your Own Online Shop

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Open Your Own Online Shop

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