Spreadshirt’s commitments are various and wide-ranging: We donate boxes of colourful clothing, fill sponsored packages with personalised apparel for cultural, sportive or social events, and we support major projects with material prizes and our know-how. When providing our expert knowledge, we support cases to counter cyber bullying and to foster internet competence.

The Internet is Spreadshirt’s home turf. We are committed to a respectful web where everybody can freely express their opinion. And we vehemently oppose: cyber mobbing and hate speech. That’s why we work with organisations like the No Hate Speech Movement, Kante zeigen or SCHAU Hin! Was dein Kind mit Medien macht. More info can be found here.

We are open to approaches by other initiatives taking up this course, as well. Let’s share ideas to support and collaborate on this cause.

Application and contact

If you are interested in a sponsorship, please submit your engaging, creative and inspired application to sponsoring@spreadshirt.net. We want to know:

  • Who are you?
  • What makes your project worth supporting?
  • What are your expectations (e.g. quantity, type and appearance of clothing or accessories)?
  • When do you need our support?
  • Anything you feel like offering in return?
    (i.e. a few nice pics or clips for documentation on our sponsoring blog, making a mention on your social media channels, etc.)

We look forward to receiving your ideas!


sprd.net AG
Mary Worch
Gießerstraße 27
04229 Leipzig