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How you present your products and designs to your target group is very important.
Below are some ideas on how to approach your target group with your products and designs.

Products & prices

Whether it's a t-shirt or hoodie, a tote bag or a dog-shirt, Spreadshirt offers you more than 100 apparel items to choose from for men, women, kids and babies. It is important to know what kind of apparel and colours your target group wears. The colours and types of products which you add to your shop depend on your taste and that of your target group.

For those wondering about the costs of opening up a shop: it's free! Spreadshirt takes care of the order process, production, shipping and service. For those interested in the prices for customers buying from Spreadshirt, check out the links to the right.

Our tips:

Designing shirts

Don't have designs?

You can still create t-shirts for your shop without using a graphics program. You can choose from a wide variety of designs in our Design Gallery and use the text function in our T-shirt Designer to create original products.

Once your shirt has been created and you have set a commission on that product, add the shirt to your shop and it is ready to be sold. You will receive the commission you set when a customer buys that shirt from your shop.

You like a design and want to have it vectorised? Our Graphics Service will turn your photos or pixel graphic files into printable designs. For just £12.99 (€14.95) per design, we will vectorise your design and adjust it to certain criteria that prepare it for plotting. In consultation with you, the whole process will take 3-5 business days.

Experience with designs

Designers who have some experience with graphics programs should also consider adding their products to the Marketplace. If you create products with your own designs, you can add them to the Marketplace where they are available to Spreadshirt customers. The designs would also be available in the Design Gallery for other partners to sell from their shops. Either way, you earn the commission set for those products sold with your design.

You can decide which designs you want to put in the Marketplace and which you would like to keep for your shop. There are certainly designs which would work well in both places. But please be sure to read through our guidelines for Marketplace designs before you add a design to the Marketplace.

Ideally, your shop and the Marketplace complement each other. Think about which designs you want to put in the Marketplace, in your shop or in both places. Sales of a design in your shop affect that design's ranking in the Marketplace. Products in the Marketplace can also lead customers directly to your shop.

Text on shirts

Most customers tend to buy products that are personalised with a mix of text and designs, rather than premade or "ready to buy" products. Try to offer a variety of products which can be personalised as well as ones which are already "finished".

Consider the following when creating a shirt:

Design tutorials

Whether you are a skilled designer or a beginner, here are some helpful links to tutorials about how to create vector designs.

Vector designs are graphical representations which use geometric elements like points, lines, circles and curves to create an image. These are created with graphics programs like Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw or Inkscape. Spreadshirt uses these vector graphics to first create the plot foils (flex and flock) which are then printed onto the shirts. Learn more about the plot printing process.

Model templates

It’s all about people. This is the ideology that Spreadshirt follows and it seems to be true for many of our partner shops. Here you have the chance to show your products on people, literally bringing your creations to life. This really helps your customers identify with wearing your t-shirt.

We have provided you with a large selection of model photos on flickr. You can edit and use these templates to market your Spreadshirt shop in any way you wish. Use your favorite photo editing application to modify the images and add your designs.

Terms of use

All templates provided by Spreadshirt are there to support your Spreadshirt shop. We have provided them logo-free, allowing you to be as creative as you want. The use of these images falls under a Creative Commons License.

Printing techniques

Spreadshirt has two different types of printing techniques: plot printing (flex and flock) and digital printing. Plot printing is known for its high quality and durability, while digital printing allows for multiple colours and gradients. These two techniques give the designer great flexibility when creating designs and Spreadshirt is the only major print on demand platform which offers both techniques.

Follow the link to the right for a detailed overview of our printing techniques with information, tips and close-up images of each of the techniques.

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