Windsurfing iPhone Cases - Surf Surfboard Windsurfing Surfers Surfing6 - iPhone 7 & 8 Case white/black
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iPhone 7 & 8 CaseSurf Surfboard Windsurfing Surfers Surfing6

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iPhone 7/8 Rubber Case

Personalise your iPhone 7/8 with elastic covers to create a new phone look in a jiffy. And it keeps the phone safe from scratching as well.
  • Fits iPhone 7/8
  • Consists of an elastic rubber casing with a plastic cover (in white) that you can print on. The cover can be put in the casing
  • Gaps for camera and plugs
  • Toggles can be pressed through the rubber
  • Fabrics: Rubber, plastic

Size table

iPhone 7/8 Rubber Case
A (inch)
B (inch)

About the designer

Surf Surfboard Windsurfing Surfers Surfing6
Surfing, surfboard, waves, surfing, surfers, windsurfing, kite surfing, kite, water sports, kite surfing, kiteboarding, kite, fly surf, kiteboard, kiteboarding, boards, kites, paragliding, hang, Trends
Tags: waves, surfer, Aquatics, surfing, boards, dragon, kiteboard, Surf, windsurfing, paragliding, Evolution, Windsurfing, kite

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