Spreadshirt-Designer: Ordering Information

Spreadshirt's fair return policy

In case that your order should contain defective goods (e.g. due to a printing error), then we will of course take back the product and repay you the money or send you a faultless product. Please read more in our Customer Terms and Conditions (§ 8).

Moreover, we promise:

Even when there is nothing wrong with the product, you can return it within 30 days after ordering. You can

  • exchange it, if you don’t like the product,
  • receive a voucher for your next order, or
  • have the purchasing price refunded, as long as you haven’t designed the product yourself.

Please contact our Service-Team in case one of these reasons should apply to you.

Every order you receive from Spreadshirt is a unique, tailor-made item that has been especially made to suit your needs.
This is what separates us from more traditional clothing manufactures. Returned goods cannot be returned to the shelf and sold on to the next customer – so what comes back to us simply lands in the charity box.

To help us keep our promise – we need you to do a couple of things...


1. Don’t make a big order until you have made some kind of test!

If you are a little unsure about sizes, colours, cuts or printing techniques – make yourself a test order before going the whole hog!



2. Check your order’s e-mail confirmation immediately!

If you have noticed a spelling error or have picked the wrong design, follow the link in the order confirmation e-mail and cancel the order immediately. Registered users can see their previous orders, change them and re-order certain items. If you have ordered as a guest, you can follow the link in the confirmation email to look into your order.


3. Order as soon as possible if your order is designed for a specific date.

We are fast, but we cannot guarantee that your order will arrive at your door the very next day. Sometimes there can be delays due to design problems or the product not being in stock. We cannot accept a shirt being a day late for your grandmother’s birthday as a reason for return. Of course, if you have selected the express option (which adds an additional cost) your order will be guaranteed to be with you by the promised date.


If you order with Spreadshirt, you do of course have – next to your right of return and exchange – full statutory cancellation rights. In our terms and conditions (§ 10) you will find the beautifully phrased small print relating to this right.