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Is the wolf your favourite animal? If you are looking for wilderness, then the wolf is your symbol. Known as Canis Lupus, this animal has always been misunderstood and hated by humans up to the point of serious prosecution and the whole species verging on extinction. Show you support for wolves by wearing a Wolf T-shirt!

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Did you know that there are subspecies of wolves which are actually considered domestic dogs? At Spreadshirt we can't sell wolves, but we can offer you Wolf T-shirts which are much easier to handle. So check out our designs and choose the ones which best suit you! We also offer tiger T-shirts in the case you feel more feline today.

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Wolves are extremely social animals, and they organise themselves in their social unit called pack. A pack has 6 till 15 members, and wouldn’t it be great if you could be a part of this great community for a while? Well, you don’t need to hang out with hungry wolves to be part of the wolf clique, wearing a nice Wolf T-shirt will get you in there as well. And of course we guarantee that no wolf was harmed during the creation of this wolf T-shirt.

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