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Wrong Planet Syndrome

Wrong Planet Syndrome

United Kingdom
My name is Pete. I create digital art to clear my mind. It is my escape. When I am creating my images, nothing else exists. I escape into my own world. My gallery is called Wrong Planet Syndrome, because most of my life I have felt that I've come to the wrong planet. I felt like I didn't belong here. This planet confuses me. I wondered if there was a poor soul on another planet, thinking the same thing. Somehow things got mixed up. He went to my planet and I came to his. I use 3D modelling to create my images. Generally, the images appear in my mind and then I try to create what I can see. A lot of my images are a bit dark. I have a few that are brighter. I do try. :o) Looking back at the images I've created, I now see that a lot of them are autobiographical. They portray events and emotions I was experiencing at the time of their creation. I make no excuse for the fact they tend to be cliché Science Fiction images. I feel a need to create the images and I create what is in my head. They are just emotiona
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