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blog_seo-tips Better Meta Tags for Better Biz 26. August 2016 by Ralf - Ever wondered how you could improve your website’s Google ranking? The good news is that it doesn’t involve a two-week course in the arts of geeky wizardry – all you need to do is imply … Read more
blog_graphicservice SOS – Design Service – For You 26. August 2016 by Ralf - Working with Photoshop and Illustrator takes some getting used to. Creating a vector design or even pixel graphics makes using image-rendering software a basic necessity. Of course, you’ll need quite some time and experience to … Read more
blog_releases-cw33 SpreadShop: New CSS classification and deep-linking structure 15. August 2016 by Leila - We keep improving the SpreadShop and its administration, and there’s a lot of work done behind the scenes to make your experience a better one. Some adjustments may have a direct impact on the look … Read more
blog_comic-style-tut_mainteaser How to Create Great Comic-Inspired Designs 11. August 2016 by Ralf - By day, D.J. Coffman is an art director with Spreadshirt North America. By night, however, he steps into a phone booth and dons a cape and red vinyl boots, moonlighting as a very well-known comic … Read more
blog_typicalmistakes 3 Common Mistakes when Selling Artwork 21. July 2016 by Ralf - They say that the first step is always the hardest, and this adage certainly hold true when it comes to getting a successful Shop off the ground. You think you’ve got it all sorted, but … Read more
blog_black-vs-white Why it matters if a T-shirt is black or white 15. July 2016 by Ralf - As any good e-commerce company should, we’re constantly A/B testing our website to find out what works best for our customers and partners. Sometimes the tests prove our hypothesis correct and we increase conversion. But … Read more
blog_mainteaser 4 Expert Tips to Create Standout Designs 15. July 2016 by Ralf - Creativity is like a vast ocean of opportunity, but it’s sometimes difficult to navigate in the wild waters of technical and creative possibilities. To lend you a hand in creating designs that make a difference, … Read more
blog_top-search-terms Design searches – Toppers from March to May 6. July 2016 by Leila - Similar to pop songs, some search terms are one-hit wonders, and some top the charts for weeks on end. Put your finger firmly on the pulse of trend, and find out about the most popular … Read more
blog_olympics_editorial-teaser 5 Things Worth Knowing ahead of the Olympics 28. June 2016 by Lena - Major sporting events like the Olympic Games see a lot of people craving for fan T-shirts. This puts you in a position to draw on untapped opportunities to provide sports fans with tees sporting athletic … Read more
blog_mp-vs-shop How to Sell More: Marketplace, Shop or both? 24. June 2016 by Ralf - So you’ve got started with your Shop or are about to do so. Nice one! You’ve got a few ideas to print, but you’re not quite sure how to increase awareness. Time for you to … Read more
blog_success-tips_en The Perfect Design Price 16. June 2016 by Lena - Get a grip on finding a solution to improve your total earnings, and find out what customers are willing to pay for products and designs. Then make adjustments to your design pricing to keep those … Read more
blog_corporate-design_en Shop branding – the final touch #3 16. June 2016 by Lena - Part 3 – Which logo suits my brand? Just 2 to 3 seconds is all it takes to form a view on a person. You forge an opinion on whether the person is nice, competent … Read more
blog_brand-archetypes_en How to build a brand that sticks – #2 3. June 2016 by Ralf - Part 2: What personality is my brand? Quality, innovation, tradition. These are the buzz words you hear in advertising like a catchy tune. Many brands lose the day by creating abstract phrases that people can’t … Read more
blog_summertrends_01-editorial Summer Trends 2016 3. June 2016 by Ralf - Could it get any better? Long summer nights, a gentle breeze and some light gear to lift your mood. For a few weeks a year, life is all buns and roses. Spread the enthusiasm for … Read more
blog_inspirational-blogs_final Fresh Input for Creative People 20. May 2016 by Ralf - People like you – illustrators, photographers, graffiti artists and T-shirt designer – are always on the lookout for anything that can work as a fresh source of inspiration. Of course, sometimes it hits you when … Read more
blog_em-legal_main Legal stuff worth knowing for Euro 2016 20. May 2016 by Ralf - The probably most eagerly anticipated sporting European event in 2016 is just about to kick off. We’ve already alluded to sales opportunities and legal considerations in a different blog post, and – just because it’s … Read more
blog_bestseller-designs_main_EU Top 5 T-Shirt Designs in 2016 20. May 2016 by Ralf - We’ve been scouring the prolific depth of creative sales hits for you. You can feast on these inspired money makers to get your own creative juices flowing before you hear those checkout bells chime. Source … Read more
blog_ssp-design-contest Like a Boss: Design Contest – Create and Win £/€750 11. May 2016 by Lena - You’re creative, you run a SpeadShop, and you’re a whiz at selling your art and products by promoting and gaining exposure online. So here’s the big question: with your vast array of design and marketing … Read more
blog_main_soccer-em 5 Football Design Ideas to Spread Passion 10. May 2016 by Lena - The Euros are coming up, and 24 nations have their hopes set high on winning the cup for the folks back home. The hot potato here are legal restrictions imposed by UEFA, but you can … Read more
blog_brand_mainteaser-part01_eu How to turn your Shop into a memorable brand – #1 29. April 2016 by Lena - Part 1: Why do I need brand recognition? Uniqueness of a brand is the art of being recognised due to a special character or exceptional features. Your brand distinguishes you from others and stays permanently … Read more

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blog_aotm_namo_mainteaser Namo 25. August 2016 by Lena - A unique style and a palette of choice colours are not enough for Namo. His finger tips firmly at the Marketplace, he’s got bigger things in mind. In this interview you can find out how … Read more
blogpage_recruiting-frontentdev Getting things done – The Front End Developer 27. May 2016 by Sara-Lena Eisermann - In parting, Marcus provides an insight into our large IT world Marcus has shaped the digital face of Spreadshirt in a crucial way. T-shirt designing has been aided by IT specialists for years, and Spreadshirt … Read more
blog_aotm_leduc LeDuc 26. February 2016 by Eckhard - We set out to interview Olivier aka LeDuc as he was acknowledged with the honour to be March’s Designer of the Month. His designs centre around France and a variety of trending topics, so be … Read more
Say it with Shirt Out of the Old and into the New: Bucking Valentine’s Trends of Yesteryear 5. February 2016 by Eckhard - Let’s face it; Valentine’s Day is largely clichéd with the whole dozen long stem roses, heart-shaped boxful of chocolates routine.  Let’s turn over a new leaf, shall we?  So many of the Valentine’s has-beens can … Read more
Editing pictures for photo gifts Editing pictures for photo gifts 1. February 2016 by Eckhard - We recently shed light on how to take pretty pictures with your smartphone, and now we want share a few editing tips with you to get the best out of your photos. Lend a sparkle … Read more
Speaking the 5 Languages of Love Speaking the 5 Languages of Love 29. January 2016 by Eckhard - Some may seek to declare their love with Gifts, whereas others think it’s okay to ignore the big hype and appreciate the love in everyday gestures. Both is fine, you should think. Well, as long … Read more
blog_aotm_chillifox ChilliFox 20. January 2016 by Eckhard - Maybe you’ve wondered what animals get up to in their free time, and ChilliFox – our designer tip of the month for January – provides us with lots of creative answers to this intriguing question. … Read more
geek T-shirts Top 6 geek T-shirts – as geeky as it gets 12. January 2016 by Eckhard - Are you geek enough? Some may say a geek is just a computer nerd who observes the world from behind thick glasses as others steal his sandwiches. Others claim a geek’s a spotty chap with … Read more
personalised mugs Your New Year’s Resolutions on Personalised Mugs 6. January 2016 by Eckhard - Everything will change this year. Guaranteed. And if things don’t change immediately, you should at least be looking at a reassuring mantra that’s reminding you of what you resolved to change. More sport, less booze, … Read more
blog_aotm_mllepotiron Mademoiselle Potiron 18. December 2015 by Eckhard - Our last Designer of the Month feature in 2015 is a first for a woman. The brilliant creations of French designer Agnès Debuire aka Mademoiselle Potiron enrich our world with sweet designs and patterns created … Read more
blog_ugly-christmas-sweater_EU_wienerwonderland-123343612 We’ve got the Ugliest Christmas Sweaters – ever! 14. December 2015 by Eckhard - Ugly Christmas Sweaters have conquered the torsos of (mostly) fashion conscious young men by storm, and you may just wonder how ugly it can get?! What started a few years back as a ploy to … Read more
How to Make Perfect Smartphone Photo Gifts How to Make Perfect Smartphone Photo Gifts 7. December 2015 by Eckhard - This could just be the saviour of your season. If your smartphone is brimming with snapshots of good times spent with friends and family, and you’re now looking for prezzies for those people, here’s a … Read more
The Ultimate Gift Guide The Ultimate Gift Guide 4. December 2015 by Eckhard - It’s no minor matter and can be quite a sensitive point for some. Nothing less is at stake than showing how much you care, and that can be a rather tricky thing! You just want … Read more
New Gift Wrapping A Nice Treat – New Gift Wrapping 27. November 2015 by Eckhard - There’s a lot of magic in the gently rustling sound of unwrapping a gift. That’s why we’re offering a very Christmassy way of gift presentation. Our new and sturdy gift boxes come in fresh colours … Read more
blog_aotm_coyote7 c0y0te7 20. November 2015 by Eckhard - Our champion designer c0y0te7 evokes wonderful worlds inspired by cartoons, comics and pop culture. Have a look at his brilliant artwork, and find out how the shrewd French designer comes up with his wicked ideas … Read more
Thomas_Final_small2 Meet a Spreadster: Thomas Spieß 12. November 2015 by Leila - Thomas Spieß printed his first Spreadshirt tee in the year 2004. Back then he would never have guessed that he’d still be a Spreadster 11 years down the road. Find out how the IT brain … Read more
The Hideous Hoodie Monster The Hideous Hoodie Monster 29. October 2015 by Eckhard - If you’re looking for a quick and easy last-minute Halloween costume that’s sure to get a reaction? This one is for you! Our tasty little DIY morsel require nothing more than a hoodie. Behold, the … Read more
Beard Designs – as Hairy as It Gets Beard Designs – as Hairy as It Gets 26. October 2015 by Leila - Freddie Mercury, Tom Selleck, Hulk Hogan – some of the most iconic dudes in popular history proudly boasted a mustachio, bristle batons or face-fitting crumb catcher to express their notion of manly masterfulness. Good news … Read more
Tuning into Musical Designs Tuning into Musical Designs 26. October 2015 by Eckhard - Music makes the people come together. What’s more, to live without music would be like eating dry rusk and drinking stale tap water only. All the wonderful memories and fresh feelings evoked by a song … Read more
blog_aotm_magnaen Magnean 20. October 2015 by Eckhard - South African Magnaen is the Designer of the Month in October, a self-described “6 year old boy in the body of a 26 year old man-child”. We’ve had a dig into the inner workings of … Read more

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