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7 Tips for your Facebook Marketing 25. January 2017 by Ralf - Facebook is at the top of the crops when it comes to social media channels. No other platform gets even close in terms of flexibility or reach. Online shops can easily draw attention to themselves, … Read more
Technical Information: API Changes on the Horizon 25. January 2017 by Ralf - For all of you techies out there: a change is on the horizon for the Spreadshirt API. If you’re not sure what the API (Application Programming Interface) does, it’s best left alone. Spreadshirt’s API is … Read more
Your Designs and Pantone’s Colour of the Year: Greenery 6. January 2017 by Ralf - The Pantone Colour Institute is the world’s foremost authority in all things colour. Each year, Pantone’s fashion gurus select their Colour of the Year while drawing on a wealth of trends from the world of … Read more
A Review and Forecast: 2016 and 2017 16. December 2016 by Ralf - The past 365 days have been brimming with gob-smacking events all around the world, and the bees at Spreadshirt have been busy ones as well. It’s been a gem-packed year of publications, changes and improvements … Read more
Product Colors: It’s Not All Black and White 13. December 2016 by Ralf - When it comes to the best-selling product colours, black and white are the undisputed kings of the ring for almost every article. Including these two colours in your offerings should be a given, but how … Read more
Trending: Top Search Terms from September – November, 2016 9. December 2016 by Ralf - Search terms are your look through the keyhole. Every quarter we release Spreadshirt’s and Google’s top search terms for designs. This info will let you know what people are looking for when designing custom clothing … Read more
News at SpreadShop – Possible integration of T-Shirt Designer 2. December 2016 by Lena - Wouldn’t it be great if your customers could personalise products with your designs at will?  Our developers have just added this function to the SpreadShop so that you can now integrate the T-Shirt Designer in … Read more
New Partner Area: Your Designs Go International 22. November 2016 by Lena - This article is only relevant for users of the new partner area. The world may be full of borders and restrictions, but your creative designs are now destined to break through geographical obstacles. Every design … Read more
Create product photography with Placeit 22. November 2016 by Ralf - Have you ever tried to retouch a picture in order to integrate your design? If so, you surely know that it takes a long time, and getting a natural-looking result is not easy. Fortunately there’s … Read more
3 Illustrator Tools for More Variety 15. November 2016 by Ralf - Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW. Designers everywhere swear by the ‘three kings’ of image processing software, but there are some challengers to the crown that we’d like to introduce to you. Some lesser-known illustrator … Read more
Insiders’ Tips for Marketplace Designs 9. November 2016 by Ralf - Whatever people come to look for on Spreadshirt’s Marketplace, they are sure to get pages filled with designs once they enter a search term. There is, however, still potential for a few niche brackets that … Read more
Shop tip — product or design view? 3. November 2016 by Ralf - Have you ever noticed the ‘Product list’ option in the settings for your new SpreadShop? Then you might have asked yourself what advantages and disadvantages the two possibilities ‘Products with designs’ and ‘Design overview’ bring … Read more
Important changes affecting your payouts 3. November 2016 by Lena - Spreadshirt is becoming more international. We are going to introduce international publishing of Marketplace designs, as well as Shops with multiple languages and currencies. We are also going to foster creativity as a whole, and … Read more
Adobe Illustrator – The Custom Brush Tool 19. October 2016 by Ralf - Here’s a designer you should give more than a cursory glance. VectorInk is an active Spreadshirt designer who creates her own brushes in a matter of clicks.  Adobe Illustrator allows you to easily adjust your … Read more
Success tips for Christmas 18. October 2016 by Ralf - Let’s put all the Xmas tree decoration aside for a second and face the no-frills reality: above all, Christmas is business. Get on the gravy train and offer gift shoppers the right designs on the … Read more
4 Essential Design Tips for Lines, Texture and Colour 6. October 2016 by Ralf - There’s many a way to skin a banana, and even more to create T-shirt designs. Just like in our first instalment of design tips, we’ve now put together four irresistibly easy and straightforward tips for … Read more
Top Search Terms – June to August 2016 26. September 2016 by Ralf - Like every three months, we are filling you in on the most popular searches that people have been conducting in the past three months.  Find out what Spreadshirt customers and Google roamers have been looking … Read more
New Partner Area Project: Multi-Product Creation 26. September 2016 by Lena - Developing a new Partner Area that quickly and efficiently enables you to profit from your drive and talent is Spreadshirt’s top priority.  Helping turn your designs into dollars is at the forefront of many of … Read more
New! Trending colours, Designs & Fashion 15. September 2016 by Ralf - Ever wondered what people will want to buy in autumn 2016 and winter 2017? Here you will find out what colours, clothes and designs will capture your shoppers’ imagination in the colder months to come. … Read more
Top 3 Common Mistakes of Marketplace Sellers 2. September 2016 by Ralf - The Spreadshirt Marketplace brings creative professionals and design enthusiasts together. A recipe for success starts with setting yourself apart from the crowd by adding a little smidgen of magic and avoiding a few common mistakes. … Read more

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Mudge 2. February 2017 by Lena - Al Mudgett aka ‘Mudge‘ is a family man, designer and a combination of many talents as we will find out in this interview. Read on to find out what tools a disc-golf playing ale lover … Read more
Juggling on an Advanced Level – Become a Product Owner at Spreadshirt! 17. January 2017 by Ralf - Since there’s no agile software development without a Product Owner, Pavel from our Spreadshirt Product Management Team sheds light on the qualities needed for the super powers in need of this key position in Spreadshirt’s … Read more
Schoenmacher 29. December 2016 by Lena - In this month’s instalment of In the Studio with… we have a chit chat with Shop Owner and Marketplace Designer schoenmacher.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then surely words must be worth … Read more
Hanami 30. November 2016 by Lena - Hanami, thank you for taking the time for this interview! Your moniker Hanami (the name of the Japanese cherry-blossom festival) plays on your penchant for Japanese traditions and art. What significance do Japan and its … Read more
Hard data, soft skills: BI Engineering post up for grabs 24. November 2016 by Sara-Lena Eisermann - Spreadshirt’s Sara-Lena, a caring member of our HR team, has called our parting BI engineer Ben out on what it takes to fill his boots. If you’re a BI Engineer looking for a new challenge, … Read more
Kunstvibe 28. October 2016 by Lena - Vanessa Uher aka Kunstvibe talks us through this issue of Spreadshirt’s ‘In the studio with…’, filling us in on how she became a painter and designer while travelling world without losing her human touch. Hello … Read more
Don Ramos 26. September 2016 by Lena - Halloween is his favourite time of year. Freakish creatures are the main source of his inspiration, all mixed up with the saucy rock, tropical beaches and armed elephants. Enter the fantastic world of Don Ramos … Read more
Namo 25. August 2016 by Lena - A unique style and a palette of choice colours are not enough for Namo. His finger tips firmly at the Marketplace, he’s got bigger things in mind. In this interview you can find out how … Read more
Getting things done – The Front End Developer 27. May 2016 by Sara-Lena Eisermann - In parting, Marcus provides an insight into our large IT world Marcus has shaped the digital face of Spreadshirt in a crucial way. T-shirt designing has been aided by IT specialists for years, and Spreadshirt … Read more
LeDuc 26. February 2016 by Eckhard - We set out to interview Olivier aka LeDuc as he was acknowledged with the honour to be March’s Designer of the Month. His designs centre around France and a variety of trending topics, so be … Read more
Say it with Shirt Out of the Old and into the New: Bucking Valentine’s Trends of Yesteryear 5. February 2016 by Eckhard - Let’s face it; Valentine’s Day is largely clichéd with the whole dozen long stem roses, heart-shaped boxful of chocolates routine.  Let’s turn over a new leaf, shall we?  So many of the Valentine’s has-beens can … Read more
Editing pictures for photo gifts Editing pictures for photo gifts 1. February 2016 by Eckhard - We recently shed light on how to take pretty pictures with your smartphone, and now we want share a few editing tips with you to get the best out of your photos. Lend a sparkle … Read more
Speaking the 5 Languages of Love Speaking the 5 Languages of Love 29. January 2016 by Eckhard - Some may seek to declare their love with Gifts, whereas others think it’s okay to ignore the big hype and appreciate the love in everyday gestures. Both is fine, you should think. Well, as long … Read more
ChilliFox 20. January 2016 by Eckhard - Maybe you’ve wondered what animals get up to in their free time, and ChilliFox – our designer tip of the month for January – provides us with lots of creative answers to this intriguing question. … Read more
geek T-shirts Top 6 geek T-shirts – as geeky as it gets 12. January 2016 by Eckhard - Are you geek enough? Some may say a geek is just a computer nerd who observes the world from behind thick glasses as others steal his sandwiches. Others claim a geek’s a spotty chap with … Read more
personalised mugs Your New Year’s Resolutions on Personalised Mugs 6. January 2016 by Eckhard - Everything will change this year. Guaranteed. And if things don’t change immediately, you should at least be looking at a reassuring mantra that’s reminding you of what you resolved to change. More sport, less booze, … Read more
Mademoiselle Potiron 18. December 2015 by Eckhard - Our last Designer of the Month feature in 2015 is a first for a woman. The brilliant creations of French designer Agnès Debuire aka Mademoiselle Potiron enrich our world with sweet designs and patterns created … Read more
We’ve got the Ugliest Christmas Sweaters – ever! 14. December 2015 by Eckhard - Ugly Christmas Sweaters have conquered the torsos of (mostly) fashion conscious young men by storm, and you may just wonder how ugly it can get?! What started a few years back as a ploy to … Read more
How to Make Perfect Smartphone Photo Gifts How to Make Perfect Smartphone Photo Gifts 7. December 2015 by Eckhard - This could just be the saviour of your season. If your smartphone is brimming with snapshots of good times spent with friends and family, and you’re now looking for prezzies for those people, here’s a … Read more
The Ultimate Gift Guide The Ultimate Gift Guide 4. December 2015 by Eckhard - It’s no minor matter and can be quite a sensitive point for some. Nothing less is at stake than showing how much you care, and that can be a rather tricky thing! You just want … Read more

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