New Gift Wrapping A Nice Treat – New Gift Wrapping 27. November 2015 by Eckhard - There’s a lot of magic in the gently rustling sound of unwrapping a gifts. That’s why we’re offering a very Christmassy way of gift presentation. Our new and sturdy gift boxes come in fresh colours … Read more
Designer of the Month: c0y0te7 Designer of the Month: c0y0te7 20. November 2015 by Eckhard - Our champion designer c0y0te7 evokes wonderful worlds inspired by cartoons, comics and pop culture. Have a look at his brilliant artwork, and find out how the shrewd French designer comes up with his wicked ideas … Read more
Thomas_Final_small2 Meet a Spreadster: Thomas Spieß 12. November 2015 by Leila - Thomas Spieß printed his first Spreadshirt tee in the year 2004. Back then he would never have guessed that he’d still be a Spreadster 11 years down the road. Find out how the IT brain … Read more
The Hideous Hoodie Monster The Hideous Hoodie Monster 29. October 2015 by Eckhard - If you’re looking for a quick and easy last-minute Halloween costume that’s sure to get a reaction? This one is for you! Our tasty little DIY morsel require nothing more than a hoodie. Behold, the … Read more
Beard Designs – as Hairy as It Gets Beard Designs – as Hairy as It Gets 26. October 2015 by Leila - Freddie Mercury, Tom Selleck, Hulk Hogan – some of the most iconic dudes in popular history proudly boasted a mustachio, bristle batons or face-fitting crumb catcher to express their notion of manly masterfulness. Good news … Read more
Tuning into Musical Designs Tuning into Musical Designs 26. October 2015 by Eckhard - Music makes the people come together. What’s more, to live without music would be like eating dry rusk and drinking stale tap water only. All the wonderful memories and fresh feelings evoked by a song … Read more
blog_aotm_en Designer of the Month – Magnean 20. October 2015 by Eckhard - South African Magnaen is the Designer of the Month in October, a self-described “6 year old boy in the body of a 26 year old man-child”. We’ve had a dig into the inner workings of … Read more
The Future of Fashion The Future of Fashion in 2045 20. October 2015 by Eckhard - Dream on. You’re in Doc Brown’s Delorean and putting the foot down. A flash of lightning is about to strike and send 1.21 gigawatts of unfiltered power down the tubes of the flux capacitor. Next … Read more
Office Dogs Ferral Fun with the Spreadshirt Dogs 9. October 2015 by Eckhard - Hard working poochies at Spreadshirt make sure it’s all but a dog’s life in the office. Our staff’s best friends have become an integral part of the company culture, and they make rolling around the … Read more
ColtClothing Designer of the Month: ColtClothing 22. September 2015 by Eckhard - Some ways lead straight to goal. Georg aka ColtClothing from Karlsruhe, Germany, founded his own design company to realise his artistic ambitions. Little did he know that he’d land such a winner with his designs … Read more

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Trend Report: Autumn Designs 2015 Trend Report: Autumn Designs 2015 11. November 2015 by Leila - What kind of designs do people want to print on their Christmas gifts? We had a look at the biggest trending search terms between August and October this year to give you an idea of … Read more
Santa comes popping through people's roofs year in year out, and we want to make sure he's gonna get stuck in the chimney with bag loads of gear from your Shop this year. Sales tips for your Xmas Biz 2. November 2015 by Leila - Santa comes popping through people’s roofs year in year out, and we want to make sure he’s gonna get stuck in the chimney with bag loads of gear from your Shop this year. Time for … Read more
News Update: The Spreadshirt Collection News Update: The Spreadshirt Collection 26. October 2015 by Leila - Products from Spreadshirt’s very own collection have been available for about 2 years already, and we are very proud of their pristine quality and the brilliant prints they produce. Next to a whole range of … Read more
blog_winner-deco_EU #spreadmusic Design Contest: The Winner Is… 21. October 2015 by Eckhard - The #spreadmusic Design Contest has yielded a worthy winner: Billianidesigns and his rocking design six string junkie has overwhelmingly convinced not only our esteemed panel of graphics experts, but our community of discerning voters, as well. Congratulations, Billianidesigns! You truly embody … Read more
Check it Out! Smooth Shopping with New Checkout Updates Check it Out! Smooth Shopping with New Checkout Updates 13. October 2015 by Leila - Your Shop’s checkout is kind of a like the cashier at any store; it is there to guide your customers through the purchase process and in turn, help to put your commissions in your pocket. … Read more
New & Improved – Your SpreadShop New & Improved – Your SpreadShop 13. October 2015 by Leila - The new Partner Shop at Spreadshirt is called SpreadShop, and you’ve been able to avail yourself of its advantages for quite some time now. What’s better? A modernised layout, faster loading times, optimised for mobile … Read more
blog_tutorial_feat-image Video-Tutorial! Vectorisation and Effects applied 7. October 2015 by Leila - Two things are needed when creating new designs – inspiration and skills. Inspiration aka creative ideas is what sparks every new creation, and a skills set to transport your ideas from your head to the … Read more
Design Ideas to Rock Your October Design Ideas to Rock Your October 6. October 2015 by Leila - Let’s have a peep and see what the future holds in store in terms of designs that will do well in October. Our loyal and faithful in-house oracle reveals sound inside knowledge, and you’ll be … Read more
Trending Colours Trending Colours – The Best-Selling Tones 6. October 2015 by Leila - The world of fashion keeps producing new trending colours to define the season. In 2015, the ruby-red shades of marsala have been spreading glowing notions of winestone and burgundy. Reason enough to look into the … Read more
Trending – What's It to You? Trending – What’s It to You? 21. September 2015 by Leila - Trending. A bit of a buzz word in itself. Trending search terms, trending designs, and the ever so mysterious ‘trending animals’. Even Google has a trending application  to keep you up on the hype, topics … Read more

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