Office Dogs Ferral Fun with the Spreadshirt Dogs 9. October 2015 by Eckhard - Hard working poochies at Spreadshirt make sure it’s all but a dog’s life in the office. Our staff’s best friends have become an integral part of the company culture, and they make rolling around the … Read more
ColtClothing Designer of the Month: ColtClothing 22. September 2015 by Eckhard - Some ways lead straight to goal. Georg aka ColtClothing from Karlsruhe, Germany, founded his own design company to realise his artistic ambitions. Little did he know that he’d land such a winner with his designs … Read more
New Products: The Autumn Trio New Products: The Autumn Trio 21. September 2015 by Leila - It’s finally fall and we are in the midst of the season with the most beautiful colours (not to mention the prettiest clothes!). It’s time for a little update in terms of clothing and accessories … Read more

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blog_tutorial_feat-image Video-Tutorial! Vectorisation and Effects applied 7. October 2015 by Leila - Two things are needed when creating new designs – inspiration and skills. Inspiration aka creative ideas is what sparks every new creation, and a skills set to transport your ideas from your head to the … Read more
Design Ideas to Rock Your October Design Ideas to Rock Your October 6. October 2015 by Leila - Let’s have a peep and see what the future holds in store in terms of designs that will do well in October. Our loyal and faithful in-house oracle reveals sound inside knowledge, and you’ll be … Read more
Trending Colours Trending Colours – The Best-Selling Tones 6. October 2015 by Leila - The world of fashion keeps producing new trending colours to define the season. In 2015, the ruby-red shades of marsala have been spreading glowing notions of winestone and burgundy. Reason enough to look into the … Read more

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