3 Steps to a Top Christmas Shop


How to get ready for the best time of the year

Running a Spreadshirt shop holds many key advantages. You are in command of a platform that can compete with any other online platform out there, and it ‘s easy to offer top notch products for any season created with your designs and slogans. And since Christmas time is business time, you are just a few vital steps away from making this season a right success.

Here’s a 3 step guide to cranking up your Christmas sales:

1.    Add seasonal products to your range


These products also make for popular gifts:


2. Add inspiring text & designs

Offer designs that meet the demands of the season. And funny designs always work! What’s more, taking your customers by the hand and helping them find the right gift for their friends and family will boost your sales.

  • An apron for your nan – if  your granny still enjoys swinging her ladle and spatula, this is the gift that might just make her Christmas day.
  • A hoodie for your dad – this may be the first hoodie your dad will own, so just imagine how proud (and rejuvenated) he’ll feel when wearing it.
  • A mug for a work mate – your favourite colleague will surely take a liking to this little token of appreciation.
  •  A smartphone case for lil’ sis’ – if your little sister loves nothing as much as her smartphone, she’ll fall in love with this case head over heels.
  •  A fluffy moose for your nephew – this is a little gift that will make Christmas all cuddly and sweet for a little guy or a little girl.


3. Promote your shop

In our day and age, it is extremely easy for everyone to do the marketing for their own online platform. You just need to know how. Feeding social networking channels like Facebook, Twitter and the like with promos springs to mind. And rightly so!

Apply caution. Discretion is the better part of valour here as blowing your own trumpet too hard is bound to scare potential customers away. So instead of saying “Come to my shop and buy lots of stuff!!!” you’d be well advised to communicate messages in connection with your shop as you would in any normal (private) Facebook post. Posting links to your shop and dropping subtle hints to what’s on offer every now and again will work a charm, though. Check out our Facebook page for inspiration.

1, 2, 3 – our checklist for the shopping spree! We shall hope this will help generate good Christmas sales for you!

Would you like to share some experience, or do you have any questions? Please do so below, we’re dying to know!

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