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Controversial Idea or Harmful Content?

How the Spreadshirt community is helping to exclude hateful content and empower freedom of self-expression.

The right to freedom of self-expression is a fundamental part of our platform. We are firm believers in the power of freedom of expression and the strength it has to lift, enrich, and fortify the global community. At Spreadshirt, our five digital brands enable individuals and businesses to express themselves with print-on-demand products they can use, wear and carry.

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Spreadshirt challenges European dropshipping market

Business Unit SPOD launches in Europe

Spreadshirt’s latest spin-off SPOD (Spreadshirt Print-on-Demand) is taking off in Europe and is now available in the Shopify app store. SPOD is a quick and easy POD dropshipping application for apparel and accessories. With SPOD, both offline companies and e-commerce shops can expand their product range with merchandising products in just a few steps and at no additional cost.

The SPOD application includes an embedded personalization tool (customizer), a constantly growing library of over 50,000 free designs and a range of currently more than 100 high-quality apparel and accessories. Printing is done on-demand in Leipzig (Germany), Krupka (Czech Republic) or Legnica (Poland) with Spreadshirt’s 18 years of experience in the background. The products are shipped worldwide.

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