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Spreadshirt is Mobile Category Finalist in Internet Retailing Awards 2015

Improvements to the touch and mobile platform experience shortlisted for ‘The Mobile Award’

Spreadshirt the ecommerce platform which makes it easy to buy, sell and create ideas on merchandising, has been shortlisted for the 2015 Internet Retailing Awards in The Mobile Award category. The Awards recognise multichannel and pure-play retailers. The finalists reflect the market buoyancy and the continued innovation within the dynamic multichannel retail sector.

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Spreadshirt Launches New Brand in the UK: TeamShirts

Ecommerce platform continues to focus on diversification as a growth driver

Spreadshirt, the ecommerce platform has announced the launch of a new business unit, TeamShirts ( The launch marks the latest step towards diversification as a growth driver for the print-on-demand merchandising company.


The TeamShirts offering will be aimed specifically at the growing number of group purchasers, such as school and sports teams, stag and hen parties as well as organisations purchasing for employee events, with prices and services tailored especially for these target groups.

Philip Rooke, CEO at Spreadshirt says “The launch of TeamShirts in the UK is part of our continuing diversification strategy, with the creation of new brands for specific target groups a key feature. This, together with our international expansion plans, is a key pillar of our growth strategy, as we continue working towards our target of becoming a billion-dollar, game-changing business.”

The new brand site will showcase intuitive technology designed for easier group orders with options such as adding player names and numbers, saving drafts and sharing options so that groups are able to edit items together and vote on products. The TeamShirts unit will also be able to ensure designs are optimised, and if desired, modified or redesigned. There are currently approximately 500 different designs available to choose from with the selection expected to gradually increase over the coming months.

Elmar Kühn, Director at TeamShirts explains, “The launch of the TeamShirts brand is the answer to two major trends we are seeing in the market, which at first might seem contradictory but complement each other symbiotically. Firstly, the individualisation and personal expression through clothing and accessories, and secondly, the growing need for people to feel connected and part of a group. This new offering combines both.” He adds, “As a new committed business unit in the Spreadshirt family we have a genuine start-up spirit, and we are excited to be expanding the reach of TeamShirts in our core European markets.”


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Spreadshirt Expands External Marketplace Presence with Rakuten (USA) Store

Marketplaces Key to Ecommerce Platform’s Growth Strategy

London, 1 September 2015, Spreadshirt, the ecommerce site which makes it easy to spread, share and sell ideas on merchandising, has opened an online store on Rakuten USA. The global marketplace is the third largest internet retailer in the world.

Spreadshirt CEO, Philip Rooke, explains, “Marketplaces are often the starting point for ecommerce, with people searching on their favourite shopping sites, rather than search engines, for the sort of products our partners sell. So expanding our presence on marketplaces is a key part of our growth strategy and more marketplaces will follow as we become a billion dollar, game-changing business.”

EMP Rakuten US

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