Top 5 T-Shirt Designs in 2016

Top 5 T-Shirt Designs in 2016

We’ve been scouring the prolific depth of creative sales hits for you. You can feast on these inspired money makers to get your own creative juices flowing before you hear those checkout bells chime. Source fresh oomph from Spreadshirt UK’s design palooza!


A firm favourite – the world loves the sloth as everyone is in awe of the little fluff-ball’s outspoken penchant for the primrose path. The sloth finds work for idle hands, so to speak. By ChilliFox.


The artist’s sketchy depiction helps you make out the outlines of this massive beast. It’s well depicted at that – the hippo’s kinda cute look and the stern look of the eyes capture the animal’s character perfectly. By jenapaul.


The old bill’s never had more bearish manners than in this illustration. A mega brash and colour-dropping lollipop against the black/white backdrop of a black/white pop icon of the internet. There’s not a lot of meaning but plenty of talent and creativity on display. By Adam Lawless.


Surreal figments of the imagination arouse curiosity and look great on T-shirts. “Where’d you get that from,” those admiring the sight of an astronaut riding a rhino through outer space will ask. More of that, please! By Edison Wormhole.


You just can’t stop the panda. Fur-bearing animals rock the internet, and messages of love and peace just never grow old. Add a pinch of cuteness and child-like naivity, and the world is your oyster. By macello.

We’ll keep filling you in on creative designs that turn into top sellers. Looking forward to your creative brainwaves, and hopefully one of your designs will be featured here one day soon!

What do you like (or not) about these designs? Do you think that your designs have what it takes or do you have any questions of how to give it the final touches? Please let us know below!

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