How to Sell More: Marketplace, Shop or both?

How to Sell More: Marketplace, Shop or both?

So you’ve got started with your Shop or are about to do so. Nice one! You’ve got a few ideas to print, but you’re not quite sure how to increase awareness. Time for you to discover Spreadshirt’s Marketplace and find out how to double your sales chances!

What’s the best way to sell your designs?

You have probably given this question some thought when creating your products. If you run your own Shop, you should definitely consider publishing you designs on the Marketplace as well. On the Marketplace, your designs have a much bigger reach and you are bound to double your sales chances. Our statistics show that designers who offer their designs in their Shop and Spreadshirt’s Marketplace sell about twice as many designs on the Marketplace on average.

A few thousand of our Shop Partners use the Marketplace to publish their designs on Spreadshirt’s platform as well. Last month, the number of Marketplace sales was over two times higher globally than sales made in Shops. Why wouldn’t you want to increase your sales with this simple means of publishing your design in different areas?

You can gain exposure for your designs on Marektplaces in 18 different countries, and it is up to you to decide on which Spreadshirt domains you want to offer your stuff.


The Marketplace is perfect for you if…

  • You have only a small fan base and you look to increase your a larger audience
  • You have little time or experience to do marketing on social media or for search engines
  • Your designs hit a niche for which there is little competition on the Marketplace
  • Focusing on your brand isn’t of the utmost importance to you


Keep focussing on your SpreadShop if…

  •  Building and maintaining awareness of your brand, designs and products is at the heart of your endeavours
  • You have the patience, time and the training to curate traffic through word of mouth and search engine optimisation
  • You regularly feed social media channels in conjunction with promos and deals to increase your coverage, sales and traffic
  • You want absolute control about which products your designs are printed on (on the Marketplace, your designs can be placed on all types of products)


To sell designs on the Marketplace that you already offer in your Shop, log into your Spreadshirt account, and then click on Designs & products. Now select My designs. Choose the design(s) you want to Publish on the Marketplace, and off you go.

What have you noticed a difference with publication on the Marketplace? And how do you create a bigger buzz for your biz? We’d love to hear about your observations in the comments.

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