How to Successfully Promote Your Designs and Shops – Part 2

How to Successfully Promote Your Designs and Shops – Part 2

In the first part of this installment, we provided you with advice on marketing methods that are free of charge. Now we’re moving on to paid marketing channels to discover new potential for your designs and Shops.

Knowing more about customer behaviour will help you reach out to them in a more targeted way. Once you have determined your target audience, you should take the next step and use the following three apps and campaign ideas to interact with your community.

3 Brilliant Apps for Analysing Customer Behaviour

  1. Fanpage Karma (Facebook & Twitter)
  • Analyze your pages and those of your competitors
  • Discover the right time for your publications
  • Learn when your followers are most active and what kind of content they react to
  1. Iconosquare (Instagram)
  • Analyze all your activities on the social network
  • Plan your publications
  • Set up your network of influencers
  1. Tailwind (Pinterest & Instagram)
  • Effectively program your publications
  • Find out topics that works best and when to publish

As there are many applications available free of charge, look out for basic versions or test versions of applications that are offered for sale as well.

Individual Campaigns

You can always trust the old adage that it “takes money to make money”. If you can work some paid marketing methods into your budget, it will surely pay off. You can use traditional paid Facebook ads or incorporate some of these tried and true strategies:

  1. The Quiz

Pick small gifts or items offered in your product line. To prevent a legal aftermath, check the conditions of the platforms on which you want to run the quiz before you get started, and consider your customers’ right to data protection.

  1. The Promo Gift

Whenever you get the chance to meet clients at trade shows and community events, a small gesture from your side will go a long way. Stickers, postcards, notepads or badges are useful and not too expensive. What’s more, they can easily be customized with the URL of your online store and thus remain in your customers’ memory for a long time. Or rest on their fridges in the shape of a magnetic button.

  1. The Partnership

Building partnerships takes time, but the effort won’t go amiss. Partnerships can quickly increase the visibility of your Shop – and ultimately the number of visitors. Find suppliers, vendors or celebrities on social networks with the same target audience as yours to collaborate. Launch sweepstakes, promote your content or try to offer a complementary offer. Of course, it’s much easier to build partnerships when people already know you. A common target group and concrete ideas for operational tasks are convincing arguments for your future partners.

Have you tried any of these methods already? Any other tips you feel like sharing with the community? Please drop a line in the comments!

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