Product News for November 2017

Product News for November 2017

It’s important to keep your products updated, particularly in the Christmas season. There are a whole lot of changes affecting our product range this month, so be sure not to miss the comings and goings of seasonal products, new arrivals and deactivations.

Product reactivation

ID 812 Men’s Premium T-Shirt in steel green and washed burgundy

Colour deactivation after stock is depleted

ID 51 Winter Hat in red

ID 461 Women’s Organic T-Shirt in dark grey, light green

ID 428 Flexfit Baseball Cap in white

Product Prices increases

Due to very high production efforts for these two items

ID 51 Winter Hat (+3,00€ for 100% pricing = 16,99€)

ID 1095 Bobble Hat (+2,00€ for 100% pricing = 17,99€)

Old User Area Only

Colour deactivation after stock is gone

ID 25 Men’s Polo Shirt in sky blue

ID 561 Women’s Scoop Neck T-Shirt in aqua green, sky blue

ID 644 Men’s Track Jacket in white/black, red/white

ID 484 Retro Bag in black/white

ID 1095 Bobble Hat in navy

Product deactivation after stock is gone

ID 146 Men’s Retro shorts (our vendor has delivery problems, hope we can (re-)activate next year)

ID 980 Kids Breathable T-Shirt

ID 1148 Baby Bandana

Once stock is depleted or on mid December 2017 latest:

ID 126 Buttons medium 32 mm

ID 43 Lanyard

ID 828  Bum bag

ID 703 Backpack

ID 704 Kids’ Backpack

ID 1056 Contrast Backpack

ID 911 Pillowcase, 80 x 40 cm

ID 55 Umbrella (small)

ID 712 Golf Umbrella

ID 721 Work Vest

ID 125 Buttons large 56 mm

ID 638 Duffel Bag

All premium iPhone and Samsung Cases

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