Product News for June 2018

Product News for June 2018

May showers bring… new products in June (or something like that). Take a look at the additions (and subtractions) to our product range, and get ready to advertise these new offerings to all of your customers!

New Products

The following products will be launched on May 23rd, 2018:

Men’s Poloshirt (ID: 1266) in white, black and navy
Women’s Maternity T-Shirt (ID: 1298) in black and white
Women’s Hoodie (ID: 1325) in heather grey, dusky rose, peach, black, dark pink, bordeaux, and navy

Product Deactivations

Baby Organic Shirt (ID: 375)

Product Adaptions

Between May 20th and June 2nd, the cut of the Men’s (ID: 6) and Women’s (ID: 631) shirts from B&C will be adapted. The changes to the men’s shirt will be negligible. For the women’s shirt, the collar will be slightly revamped, and the cut of the shirt will be wider. Both of these products will be available in their current colours and print areas.

New Colours

Men’s Premium T-Shirt (ID: 812) in sky blue
Women’s Premium T-Shirt (ID: 813) in diva blue
Unisex Lightweight Hoodie (ID: 1194) in heather grey, heather navy, and cream heather pink

Colour Deactivations

Baby Hat (ID: 817) in black and red
Men’s Trainings Jacket (ID: 644) in white/black
Men’s Contrast T-Shirt (ID: 646) in brown/white and yellow/green

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