Ordering Deadlines for Christmas

Ordering Deadlines for Christmas

With the holidays approaching, we want to assure that your customers are receiving their orders in time for Christmas. Share the following dates with your customers, and make sure you’re referring to the calendar as you’re prepping those holiday promos!

It’s on you to alert your customers of the impending deadlines, as a bit of warning will allow them to plan their purchases accordingly. These ordering deadlines are also important to you as a seller, as they can help you prepare your marketing efforts for the busiest time of the year.

The ordering deadlines are as follows:

Country Standard Shipping Premium Shipping Express Shipping
DE 18.12. x 20.12.
FR 16.12. 16.12. 18.12.
CH 13.12. 14.12. 18.12.
AT 13.12. 16.12. 18.12.
GB 12.12. 14.12. 18.12.
IT 10.12. 14.12. 18.12.
NL 13.12. 16.12. 18.12.
BE 13.12. 16.12. 18.12.
NO 06.12. 10.12. 18.12.
FI 10.12. 11.12. 18.12.
SE 10.12. 14.12. 18.12.
DK 13.12. 16.12. 18.12.
ES 10.12. 13.12. 18.12.
PL 13.12. 16.12. 18.12.
IE 10.12. 13.12. 18.12.

The ordering deadlines will also be automatically shown in your Spreadshop header, so customers should already be aware of their limited timing. They can also refer to the delivery time and cost calculator.

We generally need two days to ship any order. Increased production capacity can lead to longer production times, so the ordering deadlines can change last minute.

It can get quite hectic during the holidays, but we’re doing everything in our power to assure that your customers receive their orders in time for Christmas.

Do you have any additional questions regarding the order deadline? Let us know in the comment below.

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