Spreadshop Tools: Riddle

Spreadshop Tools: Riddle

If you’re looking for a way to boost conversions to your Shop, learn more about your customers, and engage those future buyers, then is a great place to start!

By creating unique quizzes and promoting them on your homepage or social media, you can vicariously guide customers to making a purchase! When opting for one of’s quizzes, you won’t only be keeping visitors engaged. Rather, you can also generate more leads, which could then translate into sales.

To get to know your audience better, you can choose from 12 different quiz types, including ranked polls, quizzes, and interactive stories. When a customer completes a quiz, you can show them a lead form that requests their name, age, and email. Then, lets you automatically send follow-up emails to those respondents, allowing you to better highlight your Spreadshop offerings.

These quizzes can also help with forming ideas for designs and marketing strategies. They’re quick and easy to create, and after you’ve published them to social media, you can continue to track their progress!

Of course, there are a number of additional benefits when it comes to adding a quiz to your website:

  • Grow your audience: quizzes have proven to be the most-shared viral content
  • Engagement: visitors stay on a site 37% longer when they take a quiz
  • Opportunity for contests: you can offer discounts to those who successfully complete the quiz
  • Social Media compatibility: even if you don’t have a website, you can get in on the fun. Quizzes are just as effective on social media pages as they are on websites!

Best of all, if you sign up now, you can save! Normally, a monthly subscription costs $15 (and can be cancelled at anytime). However, if you use code SPREADSHIRT30-1ZDDFK at checkout, you can save 30% on their basic monthly plan or annual plan.

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