Toolbox: Design your Typo with Prototypo

Toolbox: Design your Typo with Prototypo

Are you designing fonts without profound typography knowledge? Our new favorite tool, Prototypo, will make designing a breeze.

The ancient art of typography has gained so much more importance due to the rise of the internet. The trend spilled over into real life (you know, out there) and has been adopted by fashion. Statement dressing in slogan T-Shirts has really become a global thing!

Obviously, it would be nice to make your snappy slogan stand out on T-shirts, posters and buttons. Using fonts like Times New Roman and Comic Sans (the horror!) just won’t do the trick.

In comes Prototypo! You don’t need to be a designer or typography expert to create a pro-looking font. The Prototypo website is as straightforward as it gets and easy to use. You have access to thousands of fonts and variations that you can customize and use.

A Prototypo Pro Account is $8.25 per month and gives you permission to use the fonts for your own commercial purposes (Prototypo‘s fonts go by a CCO licence). And pro users get the full support of the Prototypo service team.

Check out Prototypo for free for a whole month before you go for the Pro-Account. Try it out and tell us about the fonts you designed yourself!

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