Your Spreadshop Bible Has Arrived

Your Spreadshop Bible Has Arrived

Introducing the only instruction manual you’ll ever need for your Spreadshop. Design tips, Shop setup, marketing know-how and more – all in one place! Can we get an “Amen!”? For newbies and professionals alike. Hold on to your socks and get ready to dive into the Selling Guide.

How can I set clever prices for my products? How do I activate new products? How do I use promotions to my advantage and market my Shop on social media? All this info is now in your hands with the new online shop manual:

Gimme the Guide

Spreadshop Newbie? Get a head start with the Selling Guide!

Have you ever assembled a wardrobe from a certain Swedish superstore without instructions?

Worst case scenario, you spent hours trying to assemble the parts correctly and ended up throwing the screwdriver at your wall in frustration, spewing colorful language. Best case scenario, you’ve now got a wobbly wardrobe you’re very emotionally attached to as a result of your shared trauma.

Let’s not repeat that experience with your Spreadshop setup. This guide is like assembly instructions (just way nicer). With the newbie and beginner courses in the shop manual, you’ll be able to set up shop quickly and get your branding and promotion on-point from the start. The manual helps you get an overview of everything that’s possible on the platform. Get your Spreadshop adventure off to a good start.

Already a Pro? Well, did you know…

… that your shop has an automatically generated link to a product feed that can display your product catalogue on Facebook or Instagram? News to you? Our point exactly.

The Selling Guide also features courses for the most seasoned Shopowners among you. So all you advanced and professional Shopowners—it’s time to take your Spreadshop to the next level. Curious?

Show Me the Dang Thing Already

Let us know what you think of the Selling Guide in the comments!

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