Meta Infos for Metadata

Meta Infos for Metadata

You want your Spreadshop to be found online? Optimized meta data will help you increase your chances with search engine queries on Google & Co.

You create your designs with a lot of effort and love. And after putting all that time and energy into your creation, you surely don’t want to miss the target in the home stretch. Improving your searchability means optimizing your metadata so that your Spreadshop and designs can be found. The following tips will show you how to optimize your metadata to play up to Google & Co.

Customized and to the point

How can you come up with the right wording for your metadata to describe your design? Imagine somebody who doesn’t yet know your shop yet. This someone uses the Google search bar to find what he is looking for. What wording or keywords would convince him? It’s important to avoid a simple sequence of keywords or even repetitions as this may be classified as spam. Short sentences tend to work best. Describe what the design is about and to create context. If you e.g. have a baby birthday design, write “Baby’s first birthday” or “Celebrate with your child and his best friends. This baby design is the star of any birthday party. Happy Birthday, little one!”

Give your designs appropriate names

The name of your design should be as short, clear and accurate as possible. Ideally, it should describe the design precisely and be different from both the names of your other designs and your competitors. One to three words and no more than 35 characters should suffice. Your design name will be displayed in two important places:

  1. in the title bar of the search results that link to your Spreadshop
  2. on the detail page in your Spreadshop

If the design name fits both situations, you’re in the money.

Describe your designs precisely

A solid design description increases your chances to appear in the search results of your potential customers. An easy-to-read, coherent description of your design is what you should strive for. Describe the situation depicted, the type of design (illustration, typography, etc.) and address your target group directly.

Make good use of the space! A total of 200 characters are at your disposal to leave a mark with your wording. Be sure to at least come up with 130 to 160 to please Google & other engines. And use your description for the ad in your search results, too. Avoid general text platitudes such as “birthday, gift, funny, …”. The Internet is full of those and it won’t help your customers either.

Tip: Focus on the design description and not the product (e.g. T-shirt or hoodie). We’re taking care of that.  

And please remember: Since metadata descriptions are all so important for your sales success, keep checking the names and descriptions of your designs with a critical eye. Revise those you’ve already published and ask yourself “would the descriptions be convincing if I was my own customer?” You might as well get started right away 🙂

Check Metadata

What experiences have you made with metadata? Anything we forgot to mention? Do let us know in the comments!

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