Order Deadlines for Christmas 2022

Order Deadlines for Christmas 2022

Your designs on our products are the perfect pairing for Christmas gifts – we know that, and so do your customers. Check all the boxes and make sure your customers get their orders on time by clearly communicating our Christmas order deadlines.

Overview of order deadlines

In the table below you can see the last day for your customers to place their orders so their designs arrive under the Christmas tree in time. We reserve the right to change the order deadlines at short notice, but you can always check the current delivery times on our help page.

Land  Standard Premium Express
DE 16.12.     x 21.12.
AT 12.12. 16.12. 20.12.
CH 12.12. 16.12. 18.12.
FR 11.12. 14.12. 16.12.
GB 09.12. 13.12. 16.12.
NL I 12.12. 16.12. 18.12.
NL II*    x 27.11. 28.11.
BE 12.12. 15.12. 20.12.
IT 11.12. 15.12. 16.12.
IE 09.12. 13.12. 16.12.
NO 09.12. 13.12. 16.12.
FI 09.12. 13.12. 16.12.
SE 09.12. 13.12. 16.12.
DK 12.12. 18.12. 19.12.
ES I 09.12. 15.12. 16.12.
ES II** 19.12. 22.12. 29.12.
PL 09.12. 15.12. 18.12.

* In the Netherlands there are two important gift-giving occasions: Sinterclaas on 5 December and Kerst on 24 December

** In Spain there are two important gift-giving occasions: Navidad on December 25 and Dia de Reyes on January 6

To meet the deadlines, orders must be received by our production systems before midnight. Orders placed by these deadlines will be delivered on December 23rd at the latest. Customers are automatically informed about these order deadlines when visiting Delivery times and shipping costs can always be calculated here.

We usually require 2 days to ship an order, but increased production volume can possibly lead to longer order processing. Due to this, Christmas deadlines may be subject to change at short notice.

Things can get hectic over the holiday shopping season, but we will do our best to ensure that all customers receive their orders in time for Christmas.

Still have questions about our order deadlines? Feel free to ask them in the comments.

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