Your Trend Report: September 2022 – February 2023

Your Trend Report: September 2022 – February 2023

Our trend report is here, showing you the products and colours about to drop on Marketplace. Inform yourself here and keep those designs up-to-date!

Once a bestseller always a bestseller? Wait a second, it’s not always so simple! After looking at the Martketplace sales from September 2022 to February 2023, we have made note of the hottest products and colours. Use this info to plan ahead.

 These products are on trend

Men Women Unisex Kids & Babies Accessories
1 Men’s Premium Longsleeve Shirt

(ID 875)

Women’s Oversize T-Shirt

(ID 1191)

Unisex Baseball Hoodie

(ID 1193)

Kids’ Premium Hooded Jacket

(ID 678)

Insulated Water Bottle

(ID 1453)

2 Men’s Premium Hooded Jacket (ID 93) Women’s Premium Hooded Jacket

(ID 445)

Unisex Shawl Collar Hoodie (ID 1388) Baby Organic T-Shirt with Round Neck (ID 664) Water bottle with straw

(ID 757)

3 Men’s Workwear T-Shirt

(ID 1217)

Women’s Functional T-Shirt

(ID 1309)

Unisex Polycotton T-Shirt

(ID 1270)

Teenager Contrast Hoodie

(ID 1481)

Teddy Bear (ID 623)

The hottest product and colour combinations

Should you keep it classic with combos of black, white, grey and navy? Or are there some new shades making waves in the world of fashion? The following list tells you all.

  • Men’s Premium Longsleeve Shirt (ID 875): black, navy, white, heather grey
  • Men’s Premium Hooded Jacket (ID 93): black, navy, heather denim
  • Men’s Workwear T-Shirt (ID 1217): black, white, heather grey, navy
  • Women’s Oversize T-Shirt (ID 1191): black, white, bordeauy
  • Women’s Premium Hooded Jacket (ID 445): black, charcoal grey, navy
  • Women’s Functional T-Shirt (ID 1309): black, navy, white, royal blue
  • Unisex Baseball Hoodie (ID 1193): heather grey/black
  • Unisex Shawl Collar Hoodie (ID 1388): black
  • Unisex Polycotton T-Shirt (ID 1270): heather navy
  • Kids’ Premium Hooded Jacket (ID 678): black, royal blue, crystal pink
  • Baby Organic T-Shirt with Round Neck (ID 664): black, white, crystal pink
  • Teenager Contrast Hoodie (IID 1481): black/red, peacock blue/heather grey, black/heather grey

Already have some ideas for genius designs? Perfect! We’re looking forward to seeing the end product in your showroom. For more inspiration, read our articles on design occasions from April to June 2023, as well as our list of the top search terms.

Any questions about trends in products and colours? We’re happy to discuss with you in our forum or in the comments section below.

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