Rick & Morty land at Spreadshirt

Official Merchandise from US Cult Series Includes In-house Produced Designs

Rick & Morty, the crazy scientist and his grandson, have travelled through space and time to land at the international merchandising company Spreadshirt. 30 new designs reflect the wild escapades of the comic series. The colourful motifs are available for T-shirts, hoodies, cups and caps on the Spreadshirt Marketplace.

Rick and Morty land at Spreadshirt

“We’ve had a lot of fun creating these awesome Rick and Morty designs in-house and they’re exclusively available at Spreadshirt,” explains Ann-Katrin Hager, Licensing Manager at Spreadshirt. She continues, “New characters or quotes from the upcoming season can be incorporated into designs very quickly. So Rick and Morty fans won’t have to wait long for their new favourite T-shirt”.

The merch from this award-winning TV series is beloved by millennials, but Spreadshirt hopes cartoon fans of all ages will love it too. It’s also an example of the €100m ecommerce company expanding its diverse license portfolio in the TV and film sector.

Rick and Morty is one of the most successful series in US television, with 70 new episodes currently being produced. The adventures of the ingenious scientist and his simple-minded grandson have been flickering across the screen since 2013. The cartoon by Justin Roiland reaches an average of 2.5 million viewers under the age of 30 worldwide, making it one of the most popular TV formats.

Rick and Morty land at Spreadshirt

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