Stuggy & Ashton Latest Social Media Stars to Combine Social and Commerce with Spreadshirt Platform

Outrageous duo sells hundreds of merchandise in first week with Spreadshirt

London, 8 July 2015, Spreadshirt, the ecommerce site which makes it easy for an increasing number of social media stars to spread, share and sell their ideas on merchandising, has today announced the launch of the Stuggy Vines shop.

Stuggi VinesInStyle


Stuggy and Ashton are a married couple who want to make people laugh. Stuggy, a consummate entertainer, describes himself as the most annoying man in the world! They are all over social media, engaging with their fans through vines, posts and YouTube clips which give an insight into what happens behind closed doors. The fun extends into their Spreadshirt shop, which features designs and catchphrases from the various popular social media channels, and recently launched app, including; I’m a Pretty Princess, Tenderness and Je Suis Croissant.

During the first week the duo has already sold hundreds of designs, which have been actively promoted via social media, where engaged fans have also been able to provide feedback as well as design suggestions. The biggest seller is a t-shirt with a fan generated illustration called In Style. Fans from their various channels can also benefit from a free shipping promotion launching today for one week.

Stuggy says “It is mental that we have a shop. But have had a phenomenal start. The helpful folk at Spreadshirt have made it easy for us to create cool merchandise and share it via our social networks with our fans. They helped us with the set-up and we can quickly add new merchandise and fan-based designs. And because it’s print-on-demand we don’t have to invest in stock. We get to do what we do best playing around with ideas. All the time-consuming side of things such as production, fulfillment and financials are done by Spreadshirt, and then we get paid once a month!”

The Spreadshirt shop now icon on the Stuggy & Ashton social network pages links through to a branded shop, where loyal fans can choose to buy from a range of designs giving the UK’s social media stars a global audience for their merchandise.

Philip Rooke, CEO of Spreadshirt, states “The UK has some of our most savvy social media sellers. They know that their fans want a bit of customisation, right size or colour, and that they can have an input in the designs put up for sale too. Our technology means they can put up a design for an hour maybe or only make a small number available. Because it’s print-on-demand, these social commerce entrepreneurs can afford to keep adding and changing designs, seeing what gets ordered and what doesn’t. It gives them lots of information about their fans and encourages them to come back and see what’s recently been posted.”

About Stuggy & Ashton in numbers:

Facebook: 1,219,489 Likes

Vine: 193,000 Followers

YouTube: 53,090 followers

Instagram: 50,400 Followers

Twitter: 14,400 followers

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