Spreadsters, what’s your favourite gear?

Spreadsters, what’s your favourite gear?


At Spreadshirt, our employees deal with a great variety of products on a daily basis. Sooner or later, everyone gets in touch with certain products, whether you’re a software engineer or marketing cognoscenti. We set out on a quest to find out what people at Spreadshirt buy for themselves or for friends and family, and we’ve come up with a hot list of gear that’s especially close to the heart of the Spreadshirt posse.

Our recommendations

Nico (Purchasing): “Spring time is a great time to add some colour to my wardrobe. I chose the Men’s T-Shirt by American Apparel in deep mint to give expression to my spring feelings. It also matches the colour of my fixie bike, and that’s an added bonus.“


Stefanie (Feel Good Manager): “A lot of our staff members take part in the annual company run, and this is where team spirit counts. The guys and gals taking part train in small groups for months, and they all relish the challenge of the final competition. Everyone gets a breathable T-shirt with the company logo, which serves as an extra source of motivation similar to having your sport team’s crest on your chest. The more people take part, the cheaper the order; thanks to the volume discount scheme.“


Nicole (Apparel): “I bought this baby onesie when I was 7-months pregnant and couldn’t wait for my little boy to be born. It’s available in a variety of colours, and – since it’s a boy – I of course went for blue as you can see in the photo!“


Maria (Marketing): “A friend of mine recently opened a café. I surprised her by creating aprons showing the café’s logo to help her get started in a nice and professional way. It works very well since all of her staff look uniform, and that’s one of the first good impressions you get upon entering the café.“

What’s your favourite product? And do you ever shop for someone else, maybe for friends? Please leave a comment below!

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