SOS – Design Service – For You

SOS – Design Service – For You

Working with Photoshop and Illustrator takes some getting used to. Creating a vector design or even pixel graphics makes using image-rendering software a basic necessity. Of course, you’ll need quite some time and experience to realise graphics the way you imagine them. Good to know: Spreadshirt’s Graphics Service offers an easy solution to develop your images swiftly.

You know what you want, it’s all in your head. Yet you can’t quite work it out with the software. Instead of discarding your idea, you can avail yourself of the professional assistance offered by Spreadshirt’s Graphics Service. A team of four graphic wizards are waiting to transform your ideas into printable designs. In a matter of 1 to 3 days, you’re going to receive a design that’s custom-made for you.

The service is just £11.95 (or €14.95), regardless of the complexity of the design.

How the Graphics Service helps

blog_grafikservice_portrait-hdOur Asset Manager Hannes has been in charge of Spreadshirt’s Graphics Service for five years already, and he knows that “80% of the time, vectorisation is the problem”. Turning pixel graphics into printable vector graphics files is the usual issue, and making vector graphics fit for print is another one (e.g. when the line strength doesn’t meet the criteria). Graphic files need to be simplified or enlarged, and sometimes customers require us to create pixel graphics from scratch.

What do you need to do?

In your User Account, you’ll find the Graphics Service in “Designs & Products”. Here, you can i.e. upload a draft of the design and add a description – the more detailed and precise, the better. And if you already know the products you want to print the design on, please include this info as well. It will help the Graphics Team adjust the design to the printable area of the respective products (and avoid creating designs that are too small or too big for the product).

Creating a design sometimes takes a mere 5 minutes, but it can take up to 3 hours as well. Designs are as different and diverse as they come, and we receive request to render designs for private use and the Marketplace. Please remember: regardless of the purpose, you’re going to own the rights.


a cropped design

ein vektorisiertes Design

a vectorised design


Here’s what you’ll get

In case you shouldn’t be completely happy with our service or if there has been an obvious misunderstanding, Spreadshirt’s Graphics Service will remedy what’s not to your liking. You can ask for up to two amendments of the design you initially receive, meaning you’re going to get up to three different suggestions from our Service Team. If you’re not happy with the final result, we’ll cancel your inquiry free of charge.

“We want our Partners to be happy, and this is why we’ll let them know in case their expectations can’t be fulfilled. Maybe they want a blurry photo to look sharper or vector graphics in more than 3 colours – things like these are just not possible. The same applies to vector graphics with a photo-realistic look.”

Creating designs without any image editing software

You can realise and offer your designs, even if you’re not a photoshop pro. Some resellers are still quite successful! All it takes is a big following on social media (facebook, youtube etc.), and there’s a fat chance you can sell a lot of products to your peers.

You could also pursue the old learning-by-doing approach. “Anyone can acquire basic image processing skills for digital print, just give it a go and a bit of time”, Hannes says.

“Some people say you can learn the basics of any given software in a matter of 20 hours. What’s more important is identifying topics that hit it on great with your customers, such as ‘animal vector graphics’ etc. Check out a few video tutorials, and you’ll get your skills off the ground in no time.”

Have you already approached Spreadshirt UK’s Graphics Service? And maybe you can recommend a tutorial that helped you hone your imaging software skills? Please drop a comment below!

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