Volume Commission: Changes for Shop Owners

Volume Commission: Changes for Shop Owners

A year ago, we introduced a Volume Commission for Shop Owners. We are now increasing the length of the campaign periods and adding more intervals to the volume structure to help you receive commission at a faster rate. The partner terms and conditions have been adjusted accordingly.

The most important details:

  • The campaign period will be increased from two weeks to a full calendar month
  • There are more bonus intervals (see details below)
  • Changes will come into effect on 1 May 2017
  • The payout schedule will not change

With the extended campaign period, fluctuations will be evened up, and you have more time to boost your sales and wield influence. In addition, you will be rewarded for reaching additional percentage levels of your sales activity as you will be able to reach them faster.

Read the new Partner Terms and Conditions here.

The new graduation is as follows:

Number of products sold per month Volume Commission
26 – 50 0.5%
51 – 75 1.0%
76 – 100 1.5%
101 – 125 2.0%
126 – 150 3.0%
151 – 175 4.0%
176 – 200 5.0%
201 – 250 6.0%
251 – 300 7.0%
301 – 350 8.0%
351 – 400 9.0%
401 – 450 10.0%
451 – 500 11.0%
501 – 600 12.0%
601 – 700 14.0%
701 – 800 16.0%
801 – 900 18.0%
901 – 1000 20.0%
1001 – 1250 22.0%
1251 – 1500 24.0%
1501 – 1750 26.0%
1751 – 2000 28.0%
2001 – 2250 30.0%
2251 – 2500 32.0%
2501 – 3000 34.0%
3001 – 3500 36.0%
3501 – 4000 38.0%
from 4001 40.0%

A year ago, the Volume Commission introduced the possibility to earn an extra commission percentage on volume sales in your Shops. The Volume Commission is credited to your account in addition to your Affiliate Commission. It works as a percentage on all products sold in your Shops.

The Volume Commission from the campaign in the period from 16 April to 30 April 2017 will be calculated in the middle of May. It will be credited to your user account according to the previous terms of the Volume Commission. The calculation and crediting of the Volume Commission for the campaign period of 1 May– 31 May 2017 then follows in the middle of June according to the new terms.

For further questions about the Volume Commission, please write to us at

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  1. Amazing business foresight you guys have…

    Your best margins come from the one and done sales of random people and you “lose” with the partners who sustain you the best, therefore, you need to chip away at us.

    Don’t tell me why I am angry unless you want the ENTIRE laundry list of grievances.

    We’ve been with Spreadshirt longer than probably anyone left in your office. Is there anyone left who dates back to 2006? We lived through a lot of your growing pains to help get you to near profitability and our reward is this? I don’t see how this ends well for “partners” like us. Also, the word partner no longer applies, so we’ll stop using it, you should too.

    The last two years have been brutal and this only adds to the pain.

    You don’t know if you’re heading towards icebergs, as you change course routinely now. You were so excited about the announcement of all this garbage last year and look, you’re ‘forced’ to change it again. So no, you don’t know where you are heading and really can’t give any assurances. Proof is in the pudding, not these silly responses you’re giving everyone.

    You are fighting a losing battle and it’s costing you your best longterm relationships.

    You force us to look elsewhere after being with you since 2006.


    • Hi Patrick,

      As I said I understand your frustration and I’ll pass along the feedback to Michael who came up with this change. I understand you have been in contact with your Key Account Manager Shardell so I’ll leave it at that. But thank you for your honest comments.


  2. Lipstick on a pig.

    Spreadshirt jumps the shark, again!

    The rearranging of the deckchairs is going swimmingly, Captain’s Phil and Michael are steering towards the icebergs nicely. SOS, SOS, everyone is going to start abandoning ship. I suppose it was a good run while it lasted, Spreadshirt. You have FORCED all of your best “partners” to look elsewhere, just as many of your top YouTubers have have already left you.

    Shame, shame, shame. Shame, shame, shame. Ding, ding, ding.

    • Hi Patrick,

      What a creative metaphor.
      In all honesty I understand your frustration but we really had to adapt this model so it can sustain itself in a longterm vision.
      You are angry since the percentage levels are lower and you therefore receive less volume commission. This adjustment can also be seen from an entrepreneurial perspective: We want you to continue to benefit from the volume commission while we’d like to remain profitable in the long term. With the current model this was not possible.
      We are actually really excited about all the cool developments that are happening for our partners, whether it’d be in the Spreadshop or in our new Partner Area. Our product and commercial team is motivated and be assured we are not heading towards icebergs.


  3. I have not seen such blatant obfuscation of facts since Verizon started ripping people off with their new data plans. Don’t talk to us like we are un-intelligent if you wish to earn our respect.

    • Hi Angel,

      Thanks for your comment. I understand your frustration and yes indeed in this communication we decided to focus on the positive aspects. There are of course some negative aspects as well and we are aware of the fact that some partners will be earning less with this adaptation. But we really believe that this model will make it easier for you to grow in accordance with the many steps we have added to the volume commission. The volume commission is really a bonus on top of the 20% affiliate commission you receive with every sale. Should you have some more questions, feel free to ask.


  4. This is getting worse and worse…
    You changed the commissions model last year and it was a bad news for most of the affiliates (see the comments here
    Now you change the Volume Commission and again it’s worse for the affiliates!
    How you can say that “this is a chance to grow with us”? Surely Spreadshirt will increase its revenues but affiliates won’t!
    I will now have to sell 4 times my current sales to get the same Volume Commissions. This is just ridiculous.

    • Actually, we reply to both comments 🙂
      We carefully read your replies and please know that my boss (who came up with this change) is aware of your feedback.

    • Hey Adriano,

      Thanks for your comment. Actually with every big news (such as last year’s change to the commission model) you’ll always have some partners that are scared of such big change. But please believe us, that this model has really turned out as fantastic news for our selling partners. But we did have to adapt it because from a purely calculatory point of view, unfortunately, we are losing a lot of margin in two areas: 1) partner that sell a lot and thus receive high percentages, which reduces our margin in many orders 2) the huge amount of partners that sell just enough to reach the 2.5%.

      The volume commission is a BONUS which you receive on top of the 20% affiliate commission and the design price (if you set one).

      I understand your frustration but we are convinced that these changes will help you grow way quicker than it was the case before.


  5. This is a shock to me. As Leon stated, I have to sell almost triple the amount of products to get to 25%!!


    you can spin it all you want, but this is going to cost me thousands of euro’s. No word about this in the e-mail our the blog above.

    To say I’m not amused is a huge understatement.

    • Hi Eelke,

      We are aware of the fact that some of you will be earning less volume commission with these changes. We did have to adapt the model also because purely from a calculatory point of view, unfortunately, we are losing a lot of margin with especially those partner (like you) who sell a lot. It is still a volume BONUS, which means that you will always receive the 20% affiliate commission as well as your design price (if you set one). After a year of testing this model we had to adapt it because we want you to grow but this model also needs to work for us. You might want to get in contact with your key account manager Johanna. She’s be happy to see how we can help you push your sales.


  6. I just received an email. I want to double check, I now have to sell 1251 products a month to get 24% bonus. I just to sell around 500 products to get the 25%. So I have to sell 750 products more to get the same bonus. This must be a joke!!????!!???

    • Hi Leon,

      No this is not a joke. We did have to adapt the system. A bit less voume commission is better than no volume commission. You can now really grow more easily in reaching the next step faster. Please do see this as a chance to grow with us although at first sight I understand you might only see the negative aspect of this change.


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