How to Improve Your Google Images Ranking

How to Improve Your Google Images Ranking

One-third of all Google searches are image searches. Help your design images and product images improve when it comes to ranking images on Google. Check out this blog post to learn how to improve your image ranking.

Ranking images on Google

Images of designs published in your Shop or Spreadshirt’s Marketplace can be found when people do Google Image searches. And since about one-third of all Google searches are Google Images searches, there’s great potential to be tapped.

Let’s state the obvious: a good Google Image ranking gets your work more attention. The higher up, the better, and all-the-more likely to be shared and used for external links. That’s fantastic advertising for you, both in terms of PR and SEO. People share images on their websites and social media channels—particularly Instagram and Pinterest. All this will have the right audience interested in your designs. And best of all, it’s completely free.

How are Google images selected?

Many different factors are important for ranking images on Google. Some of them can be influenced with the way you adjust your Shop settings:

  1. Check current status

Determine which keywords people may use to find your Shop or designs in a Google Image search by conducting a search before you add your tags. Then make sure your current ranking is up to scratch (just wait a few days after you assign tags).

  1. Check/adapt your design name and tags accordingly

The following details are important for image rank on Google:

  • Your design name: Your design name is part of the automatically-generated image file name. It consists of your design name and the product type name (which can’t be changed). Be sure to give your design a name that contains words people will use when doing a Google Image search.
  • Your design keywords: If you sell on the Marketplace, the tags you enter to describe a design are displayed below your design. Use fitting tags, because Google attaches relevance to the text placed near images.
  • Your Shop name (URL): Ideally, the Shop name should relate to the type of designs you offer
  1. Get a Pinterest account

Head over to and register for a free account. Pin your products to your pinboard with suitable image descriptions. Consistently well-organized and described Pinterest images have a better chance of being ranked higher. The more likes and shares you get, the better influence on your Google Image ranking.

One last tip

Please exercise patience. Newly-created products won’t immediately appear in search results. You’ll need to wait until your site has been indexed by Google before your images show up. But you can speed up Google indexing by sharing links of your Shop or Marketplace products on your social media channels.

Open your own online shop

Any questions? We’d love to help you improve ranking images on Google. Please share any comments and queries with us below!

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