Your Brand-New List Page Is Here

Your Brand-New List Page Is Here

You’ve put it to the test, provided feedback, and now it’s here! The new list page for your SpreadShop. It improves the look, feel and customer-friendly appeal of your SpreadShop. Oh yes, and it’s faster as well.

The main improvements at a glance:

  • Better performance, shorter loading times
  • More relevant search results (less empty searches/error pages)
  • Size and color variations available below the products displayed
  • Size and color filters that can be switched off in your Shop admin
  • Easy navigation thanks to Breadcrumbs
  • Improved chances of higher rankings with Google & Co. by way of support from – and better meta data
  • Linking up to social media with open graph protocols
  • Intuitive filtering on mobile devices

For Shop Owners with their own CSS

With the new version of the list page, we’re also defining completely newly defined CSS classes. A CSS created by you prior to the new list-page release may not work anymore. In this case, it will be necessary to adjust your layout ideas with new classes.

What‘s next?

The new list page marks an important milestone in facilitating a SpreadShop that gets your ideas into shape. Next stop – beta test of the detail page. In about two weeks’ time, there’ll be a beta test of the detail page.

We’re excited to hear your feedback on the list page, and we shall hope you like it as much as we do!

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