Have You Heard About Spreadshop?

Have You Heard About Spreadshop?

Spreadshop is here, and it’s time you get involved! If you’ve been looking to monetize your brand and receive the necessary guidance during that process, then you’ve come to the right place. Spreadshop essentially lets you open your own online merchandizing store, providing a unique opportunity for those looking to own their own business without the risks. Whether you’re selling one or 1,000 shirts each day, Spreadshop can handle your demands.

What Spreadshop Can Do for You

Spreadshop is THE brand and platform for your merchandizing ideas. With our new Spreadshop homepage, we can better focus on you and your needs as a Shop owner. Spreadshop doesn’t only offer top-notch features for your merchandising shop; it’s also a place where you can find information on products and resources to make your Shop a success. Spreadshop also has its own social media channels (including a Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram account) where you can stay up to date on all things related to your Shop.

Where Does Spreadshirt Come into Play?

Spreadshirt invented Spreadshop. Spreadshirt is an end-customer platform that caters to the needs of Marketplace Designers and customers who are buying products with printed designs. Since we still use the technical infrastructure provided by Spreadshirt, Spreadshop is powered by “the mother ship.” However, with Spreadshop, we now have a hub that fully focuses on your needs as a Shop owner.

Get Ready for the Future of Spreadshop

For starters, you’re going to find that Spreadshop truly becomes its own entity (as opposed to always being associated with Spreadshirt). We’ve launched the Spreadshop brand in the United States, and we’ll expand it globally throughout the next few years. Spreadshop will soon have increased visibility in the partner area, our blog, our forum, the FAQ section, and our newsletters.

In other words, you’ll soon be seeing the Spreadshop logo whenever we’re talking to you as a Shop owner.

Have any questions about Spreadshop? Excited to get started? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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    • No difference. Spreadshop was just created as a brand to cater to your needs as a shop owner. Nothing else changes for you. You’ll just start seeing the spreadshop logo in more places and you’ll know exactly that this space is ment for you and only you as a shop owner (and not for example a Marketplace Designer) 🙂

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