The Ultimate Five-Day Promotional Plan

The Ultimate Five-Day Promotional Plan

To run a successful promotion, you need to stay organized. It also helps to understand all the nuances that accompany these promos.

We’re here to help. We want to give you the ideas, inspirations, and tools you need to run an optimal five-day promotional campaign.

Below, we explored the specific information you’ll need to prepare. We also provided a helpful checklist, which will prove to be invaluable throughout the process.

Why Should You Run a Promo Campaign?

Running a promotional campaign will require plenty of work, but it will ultimately prove to be worthwhile. They’re proven to be incredibly effective, and they’ll provide you with a great opportunity to boost your sales. Now more than ever, customers tend to search around for discounts and promotions. If you’re offering some kind of deal, it’s more likely they’ll make a purchase. Promotions will also help to boost traffic and guide new customers to your Shop.

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Types of Promos

Outside of regular activities, Spreadshirt tends to run two Shop promotions per month. This means you’ll have 24 additional opportunities to entice customers and increase sales. These promotions range from two-day flash sales to week-long promotions, with the average length being five days.

We generally run three types of promotions:

  • Promotions on entire product range
  • Product promotions
  • Free Shipping
Example Promo Content for Social Media, made with Canva.

How to Run a Promotion

The first step of running a successful promotion is staying organized. You can stay up to date on all the upcoming deals via your partner area or SpreadStats application.

Next, you’ll want to begin planning your strategy. Your game plan will be based on the length of the promotion, as you wouldn’t have the same plan for a two-day sale as you would for a five-day sale. You’ll also want to determine

  • Goals: what are you hoping to get out of the promo? Increased sales? More orders? New customers? Rely on the SMART principle to set your goals.
  • Theme/Narrative: entice customers by revolving your promotion around a certain theme. Perhaps there’s a holiday coming up, or maybe you want to appeal to a certain type of buyer.
  • Channels: Where are you going to be advertising your promotion? Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat tend to work best, and you’ll want to prepare your posts ahead of time.
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As a rule of thumb, we don’t suggest announcing the promotion prior to the start date. It confuses the customers, and it tends to decrease the element of “urgency.”

Speaking of contests and posts, it can be difficult determing how often should you be touting your promotion. We generally stick to the following timeline:

  • Facebook & Instagram: Once or twice per day
  • Twitter: Four or five times per day

It’s incredibly important that you DO. NOT. SPAM (we really want to drive home this point). Customers will tune you out, and you won’t see the usual benefits that accompany a promotion.

Example Promo Content for Social Media, made with Canva.

Finally, if you need help coming up with promotional materials, you can rely on a number of useful websites:

To keep track of your promotional game plan, download this handy PDF. Then, plan your promotion and start executing your campaign. Before long, you’ll see that the sales are rolling in.

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What do you think of the five-day promotional plan? Have you had success with any specific strategies? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I have some visitors and some sales in different countries. But I do not understand how I can inprove the searchengine. I’m now ‘.be’. But do I need to add keywords In different languages?
    On the other hand I like to buy things when I have the time to controll my stuff carefully. But mostly, that’s not when discounts take place. So in stead of finishing my shoppingwishes, I hesitate, and wander if it’s not better to do it an other time. In the end, I didn’t bought anything. Is’t it better to deal with a code, given to customers, so they can choose at what time they like to fill in they’re needs?

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