This Video is Leading Spreadshop’s Acquisition Efforts

This Video is Leading Spreadshop’s Acquisition Efforts

Halloween is coming up, but Mason isn’t focused on the holiday. Despite being a murderous killer, he wanted to showcase his love for cooking. He landed on Spreadshop, where he’s now selling an assortment of culinary designs.

We don’t want you to have any nightmares tonight, so we’ll be honest… Mason is fictional. He might as well be real, as Spreadshop is using the character as part of our ongoing acquisition efforts. See how we’ve been focusing on acquiring new Shop owners.

With Halloween coming up, we’re running a unique acquisition campaign that revolves around Mason and his love for food. Besides the hilarious YouTube video, we’re running campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We’re hoping to catch prospective Shop owners’ attention with the clever video; we’ll then entice them with all of Spreadshop’s advantages via Mason’s own Instagram account and Shop.

Check out the video, Instagram account, and Spreadshop for yourself. If you know someone who’s been looking to sell their designs, refer them to Mason… it worked for him, right?

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