Spreadshop Integration for WordPress

Spreadshop Integration for WordPress

We’ve updated our WordPress plugin! You’ll now find it’s very easy to connect your Spreadshop with your own website.

Why is this good for me?

Do you have your own website that’s hosted by WordPress? Then this one is for you; it only takes a few simple clicks to integrate your Spreadshop into your website.

Before we dive into the setup, let’s check out the various advantages of connecting your site and your Spreadshop:

  • Your Shop can be reached at your own URL
  • You have full control over the appearance of your Shop
  • Experienced users can make extensive adjustments
  • Your website’s WordPress admins can use the plugin

Your brand or merchandise Shop will experience a powerful boost by putting more of a focus on your target group.

How can I install the WordPress plugin?

Log into the admin area of your WordPress website, click on “Plugins” and enter “Spreadshop” in the search field. You can also just follow this link: After installing the plugin, all you need to do is connect the plugin to your Spreadshop.

How can I connect the WordPress plugin to my Spreadshop?

The settings for the plugin can be found at the bottom of your WordPress menu. To proceed with the basic settings, you only need to enter your ShopID. You can find this information in your Spreadshop settings under “Sales Channels”. Next, you need to set up the URL to link to your integrated Shop.

Done! Your Shop can now be accessed at your custom URL.

Please refer to this FAQ to get assistance with expert settings and some quick help.

We hope you like the new plugin! If you do, it would be great if you could leave a review. Anything else you’d wish for the WordPress plugin?

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  1. Hi, I have a site at, and I have a WooCommerce backend.
    While I think your products and service is great, and I’m currently using your WordPress plugin, what I don’t like is your branding all over my site.
    Is there any scope for you implementing full support for WooCommerce?

    There are other reasons, too: if you supported WooCommerce, I can get metrics back on which designs get the most views, etc. With your very limited plugin, I can see no such metrics.

    Finally, it there any scope for you NOT shipping in Spreadshirt-branded packaging? Is there any scope for white-labeling?

    Many thanks,


  2. Hi,
    I have an online store in the United Kingdom. I was checking through some “Print on demand ” Factories to join as drop-shipping. I am looking forward to your Idea Price per item to compare with plus shipping to Europe and the United States.I am using woocommerce wordpress Platform as Drop-shipper.
    Kind regards

    • Hi Zahid,

      Please contact my colleagues via email ( They can help you with your question.


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