Here’s Why Your Shop Needs Posters

Here’s Why Your Shop Needs Posters

Some designs are virtually crying out for poster prints. Like literally. There’s compelling evidence for you to answer the poster call, as well – just find out why.

Some poster prints are iconoclastic samples of timeless permanence. They lend a unique character to rooms that would otherwise be dominated by bilging wallpaper. And when people need gifts – think house-warming parties, etc. – nothing says “I know what you like” quite like a poignant poster print. Check out creative designs that will give character to empty walls.

The sales potential for posters is massive. Add a few poster designs to your shop range to seduce customers with the greater allure of a more diverse product range. It’ll boost yar sales, ya know.

How can I create poster designs?

In order to optimise a design for poster printing, a couple of tweaks need to be made to a design. Nothing too complicated, just a few settings to remember. You’ll find out what it takes in our easy tutorial of how to create posters.

And if you feel like finding out everything there is to know about poster printing at Spreadshirt, check out this help article.

How do I promote my posters?

Once you’ve got your posters hanging on your Shop’s wall, it’s time to promote them on Facebook and other social media channels. Create a mock-up to give customers an idea of what your poster will look like in the flesh. Placeit will help you create stunning-looking mock-ups.

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