First Day of School Design Contest Winners

First Day of School Design Contest Winners

We were looking for your most scholastic, adorable, encouraging designs for kiddos to celebrate their first day of school. Thank you to everyone who participated!

First Place

Teacher’s Pet: LenArt’s submission Little school warrior! got a well-earned A+. Congratulations on your 500 € prize!

Second Place

A model student – KC Art clearly did their homework and charmed the judges with Litle fox. Congratulations on your 250 € prize!

Third Place

Nicole Pustelny illustration should run for student council! Congrats on your 100 € prize for Back to school.

Thanks again to everyone who submitted a design. Although the Design Contest is through, it’s still back-to-school season— so we hope these winning designs have inspired you to create some great pieces for your Showroom.

The next Design Contest in June is on the theme of (drumroll please) …Travel! So pack your bags and get ready to wow us with your worldliest designs. Looking for inspiration? Check out this blog article and our Pinterest board!

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  1. Last time I uploaded a design and put the correct tag and it has never been with other designs in that contest. Could you please tell me the reason?


    • Hi Sammer, If it was tagged correctly and uploaded in the specific timeframe your design participated for sure in the contest. What makes you think it wouldn´t have?

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