Design Contest Winners: Vivid Colors

Design Contest Winners: Vivid Colors

You brought us over the rainbow with your submissions to our Vivid Colors design contest. The results are in: find out who took home the prizes.

Thank you to everyone who wowed us with their ultra-saturated, neon-bright, technicolor designs! Alas, there were only three prizes to be had. Here are your winners:

1st Place

With their design Enjoy summer, photos et creations showed us their true colors and took home the 500 € grand prize. Congratulations!

2nd Place

Sh Sh Sh Shirts’s Kawaii Toast really painted the town! Congrats on your 250 € prize!

3rd Place

lisaberger took the bronze with fruit and won 100 €!

Didn’t make the cut this time around? Don’t give up! Enter our next design contest, Jungle Animals!

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