Meet the Bestsellers of 2018-2019

Meet the Bestsellers of 2018-2019

Have you been missing out on earnings? If you haven’t published your designs on our best-selling products, now’s the time to upgrade your Showroom. Find out what your customers want most.

We rummaged through our statistics drawer and dug out Europe’s bestsellers over the last two years. As a bonus scoop, we’ll also give you an overview of which new products sold best during the same time period. Armed with this knowledge, you can update your Showroom for a better chance of boosting your sales.

Bestselling Products

We’ve selected the top 3 bestsellers from each of the following categories: Men’s Clothing, Women’s Clothing, Kids & Babies Clothing and Accessories.

As you may have guessed, the basics came out on top – picks such as classic, no-frills shirts and hoodies. But customers also like to splash out on a premium product from the Spreadshirt collection.

Men’s Top 3

Women’s Top 3

Kids & Babies Top 3

Accessories Top 3

The Most Popular New Kids

Many new products have been added to the Marketplace in the last year and a half. Four of them have quickly risen to the top and become real marketplace favourites. Here’s the roundup:

Keep Your Showroom Fresh

With these bestsellers on your side, you’re sure to reach a large target audience for your Showroom.

Whether you’ve just started out or already been around the block a few times, pay attention to diversity and trends in your showroom and your sales figures will thank you.

Which products have been flying off your Showroom’s shelves? Which colors have sold particularly well? Let us know in the comments!



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