Announcing the Time Travel Design Contest Winners

Announcing the Time Travel Design Contest Winners

Your entries for our Time Travel Design Contest really took us back to the future! Get ready to discover our three winning designs.Thank you to everyone who submitted their time-traveling designs. To choose the winners, we had to go back in time and consult the ancient sages. And their choices were:

1st Place

The-Curious-Mr-Tee took us for a spin in their time machine with their design Visit New York | Anno 2065. Congratulations on your 500 € grand prize!

2nd Place

Caveman Time Travel from FD-DESIGN is our time-warping runner-up. Enjoy your 250 € prize, DESIGNER!

3rd Place

Urkraft must be from the future to have come up with Zeitreisender Astronaut kreiert Realität. We hope you can spend your 100 € prize in the future, too!

Feeling inspired? Don’t be shy, enter our next design contest “Hygge” for your chance to win!


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