Hyggelige Inspiration for the Hygge Design Contest

Hyggelige Inspiration for the Hygge Design Contest

Do you want to know more about Danish coziness? Then brew yourself a cup of tea, light a candle and get ready start your sketches for the Hygge design contest.

Origin & Meaning of Hygge

The word “hygge” has its origins in the Norwegian language. Since the 18th century, however, the Danes have taken the word for themselves and perfected its meaning. Hyggelig literally means “cozy”. For the Danes, however, coziness is something much bigger than what you  might think. Hygge is a lifestyle that encompasses security, contentment and community. No wonder the Danes are said to be the happiest people in the world!

Cozy Sweater cup of tea

When is something hyggelig?

Although your first association with hygge and coziness might be warm socks and a fireplace, hygge exists all year round. It’s about creating a homely feeling – whether in the garden or the home. Typically, hygge pairs Scandinavian minimalism with discreet design and tidiness with coziness for a clean and comforting feel.

The high season for hygge is the time before and after Christmas. Danes prefer to spend the long, cold winter months curled up with a cup of tea, candlelight, and good food—whether together with friends and family or alone with a good book.

Which style should I use for my Hygge design?

Your designs for the contest can of course be inspired by Danish design. Danish design is defined by elegant simplicity, functionality and minimalism. You should also keep your colors muted and limit yourself to a few shades, pastels and natural colors. Take a look at our Pinterest board to get inspired.

Which products are hyggelig?

All products from the Home & Living category are perfect for placing your design. Especially posters, cups and mugs, cushion covers, aprons, or coasters. Also choose white, cream and natural-colored products. For posters, typographic designs that remind you of the good things in life are particularly on-point. Create a simple, beautiful font or write “Hygge” with a brush. You can also add your own design to cuddly clothes: Cozy hoodies or beanies are perfect for your hyggelig design.

Hygge: more than a style

Hygge is all about a feeling and you have to be able to transport that with your design: Hygge is the enjoyment of simple pleasures in life. Transform something “ordinary” into something special and beautiful with your design.

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