Meet, our Designer of the Month

Meet, our Designer of the Month

This month we want to introduce you to a company that promotes tourism in the Baltic Sea region. Take a virtual beach stroll with us and Torsten, the company’s founder.



Name: INFO GmbH

Lives in: Rostock, Germany

Software:  Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop

Hardware: Windows PCs / graphics tablet

On Spreadshirt since: Fall 2018



Hi there, Torsten—or as you say in northern Germany, “Moin moin!” You run – the largest Baltic Sea tourism network in Germany. What exactly does your company do?

On, we present holiday destinations on the Baltic Sea. This includes over 380 excursion tips, an event database with over 1,000 entries, beach information, accommodation and much more – we have about 1,400 websites about holidays at the Baltic Sea.

Wow, that sounds like a pretty big network. How was the company founded? Are you from the Baltic Sea yourself?

We are from the coast. Our home is on the Baltic Sea, we were born on the Baltic Sea coast, and we love living and working here.

Our love for the region became our mission at some point. So we started building a tourism portal for our holiday region over 20 years ago on

And how did you come to sell your designs on Spreadshirt?

Our creative team was bursting with ideas and they were just too beautiful to keep them to ourselves. So our “Baltic Sea designers” created designs for Spreadshirt and now we can share our love for the Baltic Sea with the visitors of our website.

Do you use Spreadshirt to promote your brand?

Yes, that’s a great side effect! 😉

Social media is a huge part of modern marketing. How do you use social networks?

We share our designs with our fans on Facebook and make them aware of Spreadshirt’s special offers. We’re also planning to start posting photos with product placement on Instagram.

What is it that fascinates people so much about the Baltic Sea? As experts, you can probably sum it up in a few words!

Wide white sandy beaches and rustic natural beaches, flat dunes and magical cliffs, idyllic fishing villages and lively cities, unbelievably beautiful nature with national parks, chalk cliffs, ancient forests and seaside woods, strolling along promenades, piers and docks, romantic sunsets when the sun seems to sink into the sea…

The Baltic Sea is the most popular holiday destination for Germans—and for good reason – we know it and the statistics prove it! 😉

That’s true; we’ve never heard anybody say “I never want to visit the Baltic Sea again.” Back to your Showroom: How are your designs created? Are they based on your own ideas, requests, research?

After joint market analysis and extensive brainstorming about which designs might interest potential customers, our “Baltic Sea designers” sketch many maritime motifs. The best ones are then converted for Spreadshirt.

What are your bestsellers and why do you think they’ve been successful?

Our “Top 5” are: “Dauergast” and “Wanted Fischbrötchendieb”, followed by “Keep calm, say moin”, ” Papierschiff” and “Ostseeherz”. The most popular colors for shirts and hoodies are shades of blue, especially navy. Fits perfectly, doesn’t it? 😉

Last but not least: Do you have any tips for designers who want to start a new Showroom?

Just go for it! 😊

Thanks for the interview, Torsten. We hope you will bring many more visitors to the beautiful Baltic Sea with your maritime motifs!

You can find more of on their website, on Facebook and Pinterest. In the Showroom, you will also find many maritime designs and beach vibes.

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