Winners of the Deep Sea Blue Design Contest

Winners of the Deep Sea Blue Design Contest

Ready to dive into our latest design contest results? Check out the talented winners.

 1st Place really made a splash with Whales. Your 500 € prize was well-earned!

 Whales Poster

2nd Place

Humans know more about the surface of the moon than the depths of our oceans. It’s no surprise that fantastic creatures such as Big Ocean Whale sea design can be found there. Congratulations on winning 2nd place and your 250 € prize!

3rd Place

This sunken treasure SEAFLOWER could have been rescued from a shipwreck on the ocean floor. Congratulations on your 100 € prize, ADAM LAWLESS!

Thank you to everyone who took place in this oceanic design contest. The next contest is already waiting in the wings—next up, 2020’s Coolest Critter!

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