Keep Your Showroom On-Trend in 2020

Keep Your Showroom On-Trend in 2020

New year, new trends. Check out this year’s design trends and get inspired!

Find out what your customers will be looking for in 2020. Make sure your Showroom always has a fresh, trendy look to hook new customers.

Focus on Typography

Huge, bold typography has been a recent graphic trend that will continue in 2020.

Typography has increasingly become a design element in its own right.  Typographic art and artistic typography work wonders in the world of web and offline design.  Let the words you feature speak for themselves and design typography that will blow Spreadshirt’s Marketplace customers away.

Line Art

Line Art is a boiled-down form of design that returns to the foundation of design itself.  Because what is the building block of every design?  Right—the humble line.

Line art is very reduced.  It’s about creating an image that is completely free of shading and perspective.  Line art has something iconographic about it, because the designer represents an object with just a few well-placed lines. 

Particularly exciting line art designs are those that consist of a single, unbroken line.

Pastel Heaven

This year, pastel colors are the height of fashion.  Blush and nude tones are particularly popular.  This design trend is more about the color of clothes themselves— but it also affects designs!

What designs lend themselves to backdrops of dusty rose, sky blue, lemon yellow and sage green?  Cute or kitschy pictures, comic-style drawings, beach vibes and soft-serve ice cream come to mind.  Get inspired, for example, by the Japanese design style Kawaii (which simply means “cute”).


Even though other trends have entered the scene, minimalism is still a popular design style with no signs of dying out anytime soon.  In 2020, this means above all: neutral colors or a reduced color palette and no-frills, sans-serif fonts.  But minimalism also means leaving space in your designs and keeping with the maxim, “less is more.” 

And the color of the year is…

“Classic Blue” is the color that the Pantone Color Institute has crowned the trend color this year.  This deep blue with the color code 19-4052 is great for designs featuring the sea and sky.

Pantone writes: “Instilling calm, confidence, and connection, this enduring blue hue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.”

With this in mind: Time to enter a new era for your Showroom with these design trends!  We wish you a lot of fun designing in 2020!

Which trends do you think are emerging for 2020?  Have we forgotten anything?  Tell us in the comments!

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