Customer Behavior & Design Trends Autumn/Winter 2020

Customer Behavior & Design Trends Autumn/Winter 2020

The time has come! The leaves are changing, which means online sales for the holidays are beginning. Prepare yourself for the 2020 holiday season by learning about customer behavior and design trends.

While we’ll do our best, there’s really no 100% predictability for the holiday season this year. Thanks for that, corona. This is even more of a reason to get prepared and learn about the latest trends and customer behavior.

Christmas shopping is starting earlier in 2020

While we’re still doing business as usual, many online retailers are experiencing longer production times and delivery delays because of the pandemic.

Customers are anticipating these delays and shopping for Christmas gifts much earlier. It’s estimated that Christmas shopping will start around the end of September this year.

As they say, the early bird gets the worm. Start creating your holiday designs earlier this year to be ready for the rush. To best prepare you, we’ve also adapted the upcoming promo calendar to entice shoppers. Note, the most important time for promos are the weeks around Black Friday.

New Year’s, new you! Everyone is looking forward to a fresh start in 2021. Keep the holiday spirit going strong and consider creating encouraging designs about common resolutions (i.e. quitting smoking, going to the gym or saving money).

Autumn/winter trends 2020

Certain colors, products and topics are on-trend for this year. Use these trends as inspiration for your designs.

Warm color palette

This color palette is a popular seasonal choice, and is inspired by the four elements: fire, water, air, and earth.

  • Earth— matte and brown shades, like sand or concrete.
  • Fire— vibrant red/oranges like mandarin, scarlet red, soft pink tones or fired brick.
  • Air and water— blue and green tones, like mint or teal.

Popular color choices for the mid-season are in a transitional palette, this means colors like plum, ultramarine or violet.

Popular patterns

For products with a large print area or products that can be printed on entirely, patterns are a popular choice.

  • Plaid
  • Floral print
  • Pinstripes
  • Animal prints

Fashion trends

  • 80s/90s vibes
  • Boho
  • Punk
  • Patchwork designs (think: color-blocking)
  • Art prints
  • Slogans, sayings or quotes (think: typography)

If you choose to create designs with art prints, slogans or sayings— make sure you’re not violating any copyright or copying someone else’s work. You can learn more about copyright here.

Christmas design inspiration 2020

This year, Christmas is all about spending quality time with close family and friends, and most importantly – caring for others and our planet. We chose a few themes to inspire your designs.

“Green Rituals”

Inspired by the importance of protecting our planet, “Green Rituals” is all about taking time to appreciate the world around us and the order and sense of calm nature brings to our lives. Much like the changing leaves of autumn, the colors for this theme are sand, gray, reddish brown, and green.

Key ideas for this theme include…

  • Simple, minimalist design (think: line drawings)
  • Peace and tranquility (think: watercolor, the ocean)
  • Thoughtful and modern textures like flowers, leaves, feathers, watercolor, and wood grain

“Pastel Party”

Taking inspiration from the latest fashion trends, “Pastel Party” has a fresh and contemporary color palette. From vibrant shades like burgundy or coral to the ever-popular millennial pink— warm colors are a great choice for a cool and cozy holiday season.

Key ideas for this theme include…

  • Organic shapes (think: clouds, flower petals)
  • Lighthearted and empowering graphics or text
  • Delicate materials or finishes (think: silk/organza, velvet, high-gloss)

“Festive Collective”

The “Festive Collective” is inspired by urban life. From street art to sustainability, this happy color palette recycles colors from everyday life like avocado green, mustard and other jewel tones that work together in perfect harmony.

Key ideas for this theme include…

  • Reinvention of old shapes, surfaces and materials
  • Upcycling textures or designs to create something new
  • Topics like recycling and environment

While you’re preparing for the upcoming season, check out our other articles on the top 10 search terms and best-selling products of 2019.

We hope you’re feeling inspired and ready to create!

As always, questions are welcomed in the comments section below.

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