Out-of-Stock Products & Longer Delivery Times in December

Out-of-Stock Products & Longer Delivery Times in December

Unfortunately, we’ve had to temporarily deactivate some products and extend certain production times during the pre-Christmas rush. Learn about all of the new changes here.

Delivery difficulties & high order volume result in a production backlog

We’re all facing new challenges together in 2020. While we’ve done our best to prepare for the holiday rush, there are still a few roadblocks.

Currently, some products that we source from other manufacturers are arriving less frequently, later or not at all. In combination with a large increase of orders, there are production backlogs. To guarantee that our best-selling products are available for customers, we’ve temporarily removed certain product types that can cause production traffic jams. In other cases, we’ve adjusted the estimated production times.

Temporarily deactivated product and product colors

As already mentioned at the launch of our new face masks, our current face mask (ID 1456) will not be available between December 7th and December 30th.

Our Full Colour Mug (ID 949) and the Full Colour Panoramic Mug (ID 1134) are currently only available in black. We’ve temporarily deactivated red, blue and yellow.

Longer production times for products with thermal sublimation

The following products are printed using thermal sublimation and will have longer production times:

Estimated delivery times can be viewed at any time on our help pages.

Discontinued color for the Women’s Sweatshirt

The manufacturer of our Women’s Sweatshirt (ID 1476) has discontinued the color crimson. Once the remaining stock is sold, the color (ID 298) will no longer be available.

Finally, we truly appreciate your patience and understanding. Despite these tricky circumstances, we’ll soon reflect on how we’ve all successfully made it through 2020. In the meantime, you can still create designs and explore the 100s of other products in our assortment!

Do you have any questions about out-of-stock products or delivery times? Ask them in the comments or the forum.

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