Relaunch of FAQs for Product and Design Creation

Relaunch of FAQs for Product and Design Creation

Over the past few months we’ve been developing a lot of new features! It was time to give a few older FAQs and help pages an update too. Check it out here!

Do you want to learn how to easily and quickly create designs and products for the Marketplace? Then you’ll want to use our FAQs. This is particularly true now that we’ve given all of the design and product creation FAQs a refresher.

We’ve updated individual FAQ articles with the feedback we’ve received from you. You can now increase your sales by learning about templates, the correct use of metadata and efficient product creation. Plus, our articles on the differences between pixel and vector graphics will help you find the best graphics format for your needs. And of course, we’ll show you how to optimize your designs for print – whether they’re pixel or vector.

How do you like our new FAQs? Are there any other articles we should revise or topics you want to learn about? Let us know in the comments.

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