NEW: iPhone Cases in 4 Sizes

NEW: iPhone Cases in 4 Sizes

Where there’s a new iPhone, there’s a customer shopping for a case to put on it. Do you offer designs for the latest iPhone cases? Create them now!

While the retro fans among us might feel nostalgic for the iPhone 4 – you won’t find any of those old things around here! We’re keeping the Marketplace assortment current with fresh cases available for the iPhone 11 (ID 1507), iPhone 11 Pro (ID 1508), iPhone 12/12 Pro (ID 1510) and iPhone 12 Mini (ID 1585).

Product Details

  • Materials: Aluminum & rubber
  • Available for 4 different types of iPhone
  • May help prevent scratches, dents, cracks, etc…

Print & Price Details

  • Print area varies for each model
    • iPhone 11: 15,5 x 8 cm
    • iPhone 11 Pro: 14,8 x 7,5 cm
    • iPhone 12/12 Pro: 15,5 x 8 cm
    • iPhone 12 Mini: 12,9 x 6,1 cm
  • Print type: Thermal sublimation (allover print), pixel and vector files (recommended 4000 x 4000 Pixels; PNG)
  • Not suitable for white designs or design elements
  • Retail price: 19,99 € / £15.99 GBP
  • Design commission: 3,00 € / £2.50 GBP

Let us know your questions in the forum or in the comments below. As always, happy designing!

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  1. Salve, arriveranno altre cover per i dispositivi apple (iphone, ipad, airpods)? Invece, per quanta riguarda il mondo android? Samsung, Huawei ecc ecc?

    Grazie in anticipo.
    Cordiali saluti.

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