Monetize Your Designs in Other Countries and Languages

Monetize Your Designs in Other Countries and Languages

Imagine selling your designs not only on the UK marketplace, but also in other languages and countries – and increase your revenue with just a few clicks.

We have already described the advantage of selling designs in selected countries and languages – which do not correspond to your actual account – here. Now we’ll show you how you can adapt your designs specifically for other marketplaces and languages with just a few kicks. You’ll also learn about suitable tools and why it will pay off for you very well.

Making polyglot profits

Of course, it makes sense to keep your designs as linguistically generic as possible to appeal to an international audience. After all, suitable designs are published on all marketplaces of your platform across countries and the metadata is translated automatically.

However, this also means that there are a great many designs on the individual marketplaces that already meet these criteria. Those designs are overrepresented, especially on smaller marketplaces. Specific designs in the corresponding national languages, on the other hand, are underrepresented. You could also speak of a “market gap”, which you can target by changing the default language and adapting your designs. And this is easier done than you may think!

Evergreens – go always and everywhere

If you have designs in your portfolio that are themed around regularly recurring events like birthdays, school enrollments, Christmas, Halloween, bachelor parties or weddings, then simply use free translation tools like Google Translate, DeepL or Prompt One to translate your birthday designs from “Happy Birthday” to “Bon Anniversaire”, “Lycklig Födelsedag” or “Wszystkiego najlepszego” and publish them on the French, Swedish or Polish marketplace. This way, designs that already sell well in your native language will also be fit on the other marketplaces.

Gratulerer med dagen, Joyeux Anniversaire and Feliz Cumpleaños designed by Papyrus Girl

Occasions typical of countries

Every country has its typical holidays and occasions when everyone is excited and wants to celebrate – also with matching motto shirts. Take advantage of this and create designs for example for:

  • the Koningsdag in the Netherlands,
  • the Fallas Festival in Spain,
  • the Fête des Rois in France,
  • or Midsommar in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark
  • and many more

Poar neem’n designed by Tmarktshop, 16 años España designed by Solldasallessein and Midsommar designed by Pasto


Aprospos “being off your rocker” – every country has its very own idioms, which are sometimes difficult to understand for outsiders but quite often quite funny. You can also play creatively with this and open up new target groups for your designs. You can find inspiration here, for example.

Spanish Never Give Up Quote Nunca Te Rindas designed by Latin America Focus, La vie en Bleue – la MOB designed by TeeforTee and You Must See It Spacious (Dat Moet Je Ruim Zien) designed by Dat Moet Je Ruim Zien 

Polyglot pop culture

You e.g. know a lot about Italian movies or have a soft spot for electronic music from France? Then use your expert knowledge and create designs with corresponding language and country-specific pop culture references. Need inspiration for individual countries and languages? No problem, this is the way:

Summary – all you need at a glance

Use the chance to change the standard language for your designs and offer them on marketplaces in other languages. You can read more about how this works here. Free and freely available translation tools like Google Translate, DeepL or Prompt One will help you find the right words. Watch out, though: Even though online translators are getting better and better, small mistakes can creep in. Sometimes this can lead to real blunders. If unsure, enter the text into the Google search and check how often the text is found. If there are unexpectedly few hits, something‘s wrong. Then publish your designs on the following marketplaces:

How do you use the possibility to publish your designs, country and language specific? Let us know in the comments.

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