Selling your designs in specific countries and languages – here’s how it’s done!

Selling your designs in specific countries and languages – here’s how it’s done!

So you want to target your designs for specific Marketplaces, in languages of your choice? Then read this blog.

Let’s say you live in the UK. Chances are, you registered yourself on Spreadshirt Marketplace using the domain. So, you’re selling your designs on the UK Marketplace. This means your target group probably lives in the UK, speaks English or at least understands it. So far, so easy. But what happens if you actually want to reach a French speaking audience with your designs?

Opening a second account on our French Marketplace isn’t really an option. You would need to look after two accounts, load designs twice and to translate all of your metadata. Moreover, it goes against our Single Account Policy.

Change your language and conquer new Marketplaces

But now these struggles are a thing of the past. Our latest feature allows you to change the standard language for your designs and put them on the appropriate Marketplace. Just click on the ‘change’ button on the metadata site – it’s beside the current ‘standard language’ button – and choose the language you think fits your design best. Once you have set the new default language for the theme, you can fill in the metadata in the newly chosen language. Please be sure to use the newly selected language for the metadata, because your designs will not be found otherwise. After that, simply publish the design as usual.

Please note: The option to change the default language of your design is primarily aimed at designers with clearly defined target groups in other languages. Therefore, you should only use this feature if you are confident in the new language.

Any questions about the new standard language feature? Ideas for which occasions and target groups it may be just the perfect fit? Please let us know in the comments!

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