Top Search Terms July to September 2022

Top Search Terms July to September 2022

What do customers search for on the Spreadshirt marketplace? Discover the top search terms in Q3 2022.

This Top 10 gives you an insight into the minds of your customers and the trends they were hungry for last year. Use this knowledge to shape your designs and make sure you are hitting the spot for your target market this year. How? Simply tag designs you have already uploaded with the matching search terms (as long as they are relevant!) or create new designs following the seasonal trends of last year.

Top 10 Spreadshirt Searches (UK)

  1. Funny
  2. Motorcycle
  3. Gay pride
  4. Teenager
  5. Retro
  6. Geek
  7. Cycling
  8. London
  9. Funky
  10. Birthday

Top 10 Google Searches (UK)

  1. Stag logo
  2. Frisian horses
  3. England
  4. Northern Ireland
  5. Wales
  6. Vintage
  7. Punk
  8. Guitar
  9. Archery
  10. Border collie

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