10 Graphic Design Trends you should know in 2024

10 Graphic Design Trends you should know in 2024

New year, new trends. Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of graphic design as we break down the top 10 relevant trends for 2024.

Thanks to the ever-evolving nature of trends in design, it is crucial that you are always up to date. Customers notice trending topics, and understanding and utilising relevant trends shows that you are ahead of the times. It also shows that you care about your audience. And because trends and technological advancements often go hand in hand, it makes sense that your designs are optimised for the latest platforms and technologies. Don’t know where to start? Not to worry – in this blog post we’ve summarised the best and boldest graphic design trends of 2024. We’re going to cover everything with AI and 3D techniques, to Barbie-esque vibrant colour palettes and vintage-inspired Retro Pixel Designs.

Get ready for some inspiration to help you create your best designs yet.

The Top 10 Graphic Design Trends of 2024

1. AI-enhanced design practices

AI has already been a hot topic of debate, and perhaps even more so in the world of art. Be that as it may, AI is not going anywhere and will continue to trend in 2024. Many designers argue that AI destroys the integrity of art. However, try not to view AI as the enemy, but as a supporter for your creativity and productivity. Making the most of AI can be done by using it to optimise your work processes, rather than to replace it. For example, utilising tools such as automated image resizing or background removal can save you enough time to focus on design conception and to finish off works with that ever-so-important human touch. A great example of an AI sidekick for designers is Adobe Sensei, which is powered by machine learning and built to optimise your creative flow. It makes your life easier by taking over tedious tasks, personalising experiences and opening a new world of possibilities, all within your favourite Adobe apps.

2. 3D Art – 3D hyper surrealism

3D art has been a trend in the graphic design world for a while, and will continue to trend in 2024. It can be used to create visually engaging scenes, characters, and objects. It is particularly effective in highlighting little details like texture. 3D art can also be combined with other design elements such as typography, photography, and illustration to transform it to another style of graphic design – 3D hyper surrealism. Merging hyper-realistic and surreal 3D designs with bright colours and experimental fonts creates great potential for bold self-expression and playful creativity.

3. Vibrant & Candy colour palette

Thanks to the pink-explosion created by the release of the Barbie movie last year vibrant colours are definitely going to see an increase in popularity in 2024. Bright, colourful graphic designs with a wide range of contrasting colours are particularly eye-catching, and Barbie’s signature pink will continue its reign as a trending colour this year. Use it in combination with other vivid and playful colours and shapes.

4. Future Fusion – Holographic design & abstract gradient

An unlikely pairing creates a unique aesthetic with future fusion. Combining futuristic designs with a down-to-earth basis. Dark aesthetics with shimmering elements and digital fonts bind innovation and humanity. For example holographic surrealism, inspired by science fiction, adds a special glow to designs through its iridescent colours and metallic sheens. Pair this with abstract and artistic gradients, which are gaining popularity, and you’ve got a dynamic and captivating design. We are definitely going to see a rise in different variations of gradients in 2024.

5. Risograph & Grain Risograph

Originating as a printing technique from Japan in the 80s, Risograph & Grain Risograph are set to trend in 2024. It’s grainy texture adds depth to minimalist designs in a trendy and familiar way. Grainy textures give designs a realistic, vintage look without taking away from the integrity of the original design, which makes the Risograph-effect especially popular when creating retro or vintage designs.

6. Maximalism – the more the better

More is more when it comes of maximalism, and this design movement is an explosion of colours, objects, shapes, and patterns. Add some funky fonts, tell a story with your elements and keep your viewer engaged for even longer. Bound to make a comeback in 2024, maximalism is unapologetically loud and inspires visually rich and stimulating designs.

7. Retro Pixels

How about another blast from the past? Pixel art is back in trend, a nod to the nostalgic world of classic video games in the early digital age. Infusing these playful, old-school elements with modern, high-quality techniques gives new life and potential to pixel art. It also represents how the old-school classics are too good to simply let go. Be prepared to see more and more retro pixels used in everything from websites to posters.

8. Nature-inspired aesthetic – colours of nature

In a world of pandemics and climate change, there has definitely been an increase in attention to health and the environment. This has inevitably led to an increase in organic and environmentally friendly products. Because of this, we’ve seen a trend towards more earthy tones and colours, such as natural greens and browns, as well as sunny yellows. 2024 will see an increased focus on nature and the natural beauty of the planet, with the graphic design trend taking inspiration from its elements through textures, patterns, and colours.

9. Geometric shapes (inspired by retro designs of 80-90s style)

Characterised by simplicity, bright colours, and inspiration from the 80s/90s, the geometric shape graphic design style is great for branding or social media posts. Simple shapes in combination with the right colour scheme can send a clear message through visuals which are both bold and visually appealing.

10. Experimental and bold typography

Enough with the tidy, straight-edge fonts. In 2024 we’re welcoming more playful fonts that wave, slide, pop, and drip before our eyes. Experimental typography are not identifiable by name or style. Instead, it encapsulates a more creative energy which is expressed through funk lines, 3D elements or textures. Incorporate more liquid, metallic, or bold coloured typography to your designs to keep up with the trends in 2024.

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